Chapter One: Thanksgiving

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The sudden blaring of music woke Levon very violently from his slumber. He jolted, blinking around his darkened room in confusion before his eyes found the flickering cell phone on his night table. Groggily reaching out, he pulled the device to himself, squinting at the caller ID in annoyance. An incoming call from Annoying Fucker. Exactly what he needed.

"What do you want, Todd," Levon answered gruffly.

"Let me in," Todd responded matching Levon's irritation and Levon frowned.

"Let you in where?"

"The house, you fucking idiot," Todd snapped. "I'm at the front door."

Todd hung up and Levon pulled the phone from his ear to check the time. It was three in the morning. Levon heaved the largest sigh he physically could before he lazily rolled out from his soft, warm bed. The cold air assaulted his skin, but he ignored it, padding out of his room in only a pair polka-dot boxer briefs.

Levon moved down the stairs. The house was dark. His mothers and sister were sleeping. He really wanted to still be sleeping. Levon scowled as he reached the front door, twisted the lock and swung it open to let the idiot on the other side in.

"About fucking time," Todd said instead of thanking Levon for actually waking up. Todd shoved into the house with a bag slung over his shoulder.

"I thought you said you weren't coming down," Levon grunted, eyes narrowing in annoyance, but he wasn't all that surprised that Todd hadn't told him of the change in plans. They weren't friends.

"Betto leant me his car," Todd spoke without looking at Levon, toeing off his sneakers. Betto was one of their childhood best-friends and attending university with Todd. "He really didn't want to come down for the break."

"He trusted you with his car?" Levon arched a brow. "I wouldn't even trust you to borrow a pen."

Todd rolled his eyes before letting his glare slide over Levon. "Could you not put any clothes on?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?" Levon smirked, a single dimple appearing on his left cheek. He ran a hand over his defined abdomen. "Making you wish you were this hot or making you wish you touch something this hot?"

Levon was an attractive man and he knew it. A dirty blonde undercut, piercing lined ears, a lean muscled and heavily tanned body. He was no more than two inches taller than Todd, with brown eyes and pointed canines that only added to his impish features. He had been told on more than one occasion that he looked like trouble. And he was.

Todd was broader than Levon, but not nearly as muscularly defined as the other man. His black hair was messy, his skin was hardly tanned from the summer, his nose was crooked from a long-ago fight and his face appeared drawn in a permanent glare. His large blue eyes were the only things that drew away from his intimidating nature, striking on his face.

"I will hit you in the face," Todd warned, but he was obviously tired, and his heart wasn't in the threat.

"You will not," Levon waved him off carelessly. "You love my face."

"I like your face about as much as I love driving," Todd grunted and Levon cracked a smile. Todd had always hated driving. It stressed him out and that explained the exhaustion that was written on every piece of him. It was a five hour drive from Todd's university to Levon's house.

"Right," Levon drawled, then turned away. "Well, I'm going to bed."

"I'm coming, too," Todd sighed and Levon heard the man's heavier footsteps following him. They were quiet until they were in Levon's room with the door closing behind them, not wanting to wake up the rest of the house.

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