Chapter Sixteen: Winter Break

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Levon's alarm sparked to life at nine and Levon woke, turning it off quickly so Todd wouldn't be woken up by the obnoxious beeping. Levon woke easier than usual, the childish excitement that Christmas morning brought helping him shake off the grogginess. He settled back down and grinned as Todd rolled closer, pressing his unconscious face into Levon's side. He was snoring softly, absolutely adorable with his lashes thick against his cheeks and lips parted as he slept.

"Time to get up, Toddy," Levon spoke gently, giving his boyfriend a small shake and Todd's brows drew together.

"Fuck off," Todd grunted, turning his face away and into the pillows. Levon laughed.

"Don't be like that," Levon ran his fingers through Todd's messy, dark hair. "It's Christmas."

"Can we just not for a few more hours?" Todd groaned.

"Mama said we could sleep in until nine and then we had to get up," Levon reminded the man easily. "Get up for the waffles."

Todd actually blinked his eyes open for that. "I'm only getting up for those fucking waffles."

"You sure it's not for your flawless boyfriend?" Levon asked and Todd snorted.

"My flawless boyfriend spent the whole night stealing the fucking blankets so he can fuck off," Todd said. He rolled away from Levon and stretched. Levon watched him for a few more seconds before he slid out of the bed. It was cold and he eagerly pulled his new Family Guys pajamas on.

"It's cold," Todd sighed. "I don't want to get up."

"Get up and get into these nice warm PJs," Levon coaxed, chucking Todd's pajamas at the bed. Todd didn't even grab them.

"It seems like a lot of work," Todd complained and rubbed at his eyes.

"Are you trying to get me to dress you, Toddy?" Levon asked, a smirk crossing his lips and Todd laughed at that.

"That's a bit much, don't you think?" Todd snickered and Levon climbed back onto the bed, tugging the blankets off of Todd. Todd flinched at the sudden onslaught of cold air. "Fucking hell, Lev!"

"Quit complaining, you fucking baby," Levon grinned. Todd gave him a kick that almost sent him falling off the bed. Levon laughed and then got to work dressing Todd, grinning like an idiot the whole time. Todd was watching with the most adorable smirk, and Levon was pretty sure this was now his favourite Christmas memory. "I think I prefer undressing you."

"I think you're a pervert," Todd said easily and Levon nodded in acceptance. Todd pulled his own shirt on but Levon put socks on the man's feet, much to Todd's amusement.

They brushed their teeth and then they went down to the living room, hands linking together as they walked. Dating Todd was as easy as breathing for Levon. It all felt natural, to grab his hand, or pressing kisses to his lips that Todd didn't even pretend he hated anymore. Levon had never been happier. Loving every moment he had with Todd.

"Look who finally showed up," Jasper spoke up when they walked into the room. He was next to Ophelia on the couch, cradling a mug of coffee. Bree and Gwen were sharing the loveseat with smiles on their faces. "Decided to have a morning quickie?"

"It was pretty amazing," Levon said sarcastically. "You should have been there."

"Okay," Bree grimaced at them while Gwen laughed. "Don't be gross."

"Oh sorry," Levon grinned. "Did you want in on it too?"

"You're a sick little fucker," Jasper said, and Bree chucked a throw pillow at her eldest child while her wife burst out laughing.

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