New Story!

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So I'm back. I've just started posting my new story and felt like I should put that out here. I'm hoping you guys like it as much as you liked this one. It's a bit different but I think it'll be sweet. It's called Terrible Ideas and I needed to start writing it before I completely forgot what it felt like to be in high school (but don't worry, it's not a high school romance. Just the main character is still in high school).

Here's the summary:

"An excellent recommendation. You're not just a pretty face, then?"

"You think this face is pretty?" Max tried to say it with more sass, but it came out kind of soft. His face went red and he turned sharply to the books next to him. Casual.

"You're very pretty," There was a gentleness to the teasing and Max glared at him. The man laughed again, dropping his eyes from Max.

"Thanks." Max said after a pause and the man beamed at him.

"I should be thanking you. This might be worth the read," he waved the book in his hand. Max rolled his eyes, face softening back into a smile. "I'm Kevin, by the way."

"Cool," Max said and wondered if 'Kevin' was a name that fit this attractive man.

"And what's your name?" Kevin prompted after a short pause and Max cleared his throat, embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Ma-," Max barely cut himself off in time. Face flushing darker, mood dropping like a fucking brick. He wasn't Max right now. "I'm Eva."


Max somehow gets roped into one of his sister's stupid schemes and ends up in way over his head, completely out of his comfort zone, and quite sure he's just met his dream man. A man who happens to think Max is a girl.

So, yeah. Check it out and let me know what you think! 


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