Chapter Eleven: Summer Break

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Todd woke up feeling rested. He blinked the sleep from his eyes before lifting his head and locating Levon sitting beside him, headphones in while he watched Netflix on his laptop. Looking at Levon, recalling all that had happened the previous evening, Todd felt naked. As if he had stripped all his protective layers away and bared himself before Levon. Todd wasn't sure how he felt about the sensation.

"Oh, I didn't notice you were awake," Levon yanked out his earbuds, smiling warmly at Todd while he paused his show and set the laptop aside. "I thought you might never wake up, honestly."

"Why? What time is it?" Todd frowned and looked at the clock. It was three in the afternoon. Todd grimaced. "Shit."

"Yeah, I've gotten up, showered and ate while you were dead to the world. Hope you don't mind. I think you might have needed the sleep though," Levon said and Todd nodded slightly.

"No, I appreciate that," Todd mumbled. "I just wasn't planning to sleep the entire day away."

"You doing okay?" Levon asked after a few moments of silence, concern flitting over his face. Todd stared at him for a long moment, pondering the question.

"I'm okay," Todd finally spoke and Levon searched him with his eyes. Todd gave him a grateful look. "I'm really okay, Lev. I'm much better than yesterday."

Levon was satisfied with that and they climbed out of the bed. Todd glanced around for his shirt and belongings. Levon glanced at him before Todd was even sure what he was looking for. 

"I charged your phone but turned it off," Levon said, nodding to the phone on the desk. "Your mom and Niklas have been calling you nonstop since about eight this morning."

"Fuck them," Todd grunted, glaring momentarily at his phone. "Wanna get some food? I'm starving."

"I never say no to food," Levon grinned.

The two men made their way downstairs. They went right to the kitchen and Levon opened the fridge to list off what they had for leftovers. Todd took a seat of the barstool at the island counter. Bree was at work so Gwen was the only one to greet them, coming into the kitchen with wet hair and fresh clothes.

"Todd," Gwen smiled warmly. "I didn't even know you were here."

"Yeah, I came in last night and crashed in Levon's room," Todd smiled sheepishly. "I should have said 'hi'."

"Damn right you should have," Gwen came over and ruffled his hair. Todd accepted it without complaint, his hair was still a mess from sleeping.

"Were you just in the pool?" Levon asked, eyeing his mother's wet hair.

"Yeah, I wanted to clean it up so Ophelia could go swimming," Gwen nodded. "You would know how hot it is if you ever left your room."

"Why should I leave my room?" Levon sassed. "I've got Netflix, chips, and air conditioning. What else could a man need?"

"This man needs a head on his shoulders," Gwen rolled her eyes at him. "I'm going to go find your sister."

Gwen left the room and Todd decided he would eat the leftover spaghetti. Levon got them both a glass of milk and started munching on an apple, sitting the stool next to Todd and watching Todd eat. Todd pretended he didn't feel the eyes on him.

"Want to go swimming after food then?" Levon asked once he finished his apple and Todd shrugged. 

"Sure, I don't mind," Todd said. Levon smirked a little.

"Great, I've been waiting to get you all wet and half-naked," Levon flirted and Todd rolled his eyes, shoving the other man away from himself.

"Stop being a pervert before I drown you," Todd growled, feeling playful as Levon stumbled off the stool. Levon bounced right back, getting right up close to Todd and Todd watched him expectantly.

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