Chapter Nine: Summer Break

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Levon was in an excellent mood. Usually he barely stood the camping trips, he only came to be with his friends. This time, even after spending a week in the woods, he was upbeat and so cheerful he even had Todd in a good mood.

Todd, Aisha, and Levon were all in Levon's car; everyone else was in Betto's car; driving back home because there wasn't enough room for them all and their camping gear in a single vehicle. Levon had the music on full blast, the windows down as he and Aisha sang along to his shit playlist. Todd was in the back seat enjoying the cool breeze, bright sunshine, and warm glances Levon kept sending him through the rear-view mirror.

They dropped Aisha off first, and Todd got out to help carry her things into her house because Levon was 'tired from driving'. Todd put the camping supplies where she told him too and said 'hi' to her large father and perky mother who were all too happy to have their daughter back home. Aisha walked him to the door afterward, that smile Todd really didn't understand crawling onto her face.

"I'm so sorry you had to share a tent with Levon," she apologized insincerely, and Todd narrowed his eyes at her, but couldn't really find it in himself to be annoyed with her when Levon's dumbass singing was still ringing in his ears.

"Wasn't that bad." Todd shrugged and arched a brow at Aisha. "He really doesn't move that much when he sleeps."

"You would know more than me," Aisha waved him off and he rolled his eyes. She smirked. "But it was all for the best. Look how happy you both are. Must have been fun in that tent."

Todd blushed before he could help it, realizing then that she knew. He wasn't sure how much she knew, but clearly, Levon had told her something of their bizarre relationship. Todd cleared his throat, looking away from her knowing eyes.

"Yeah, it was fun," Todd opened the door. "I'll see you around."

"Todd," Aisha stopped him from going down the stairs and she gave him a more serious look. "I love both of you morons quite a lot. I'd really hate to see either of you hurt."

"I'd never hurt Levon," Todd said immediately, then thought better of his statement, shifting his feet awkwardly. "Not on purpose. Not if I can avoid it."

"Glad to see some things haven't changed," Aisha grinned. "Now get off my lawn."

Todd went back to the car and Levon was practically leaning out his window to wave his farewell to Aisha. Todd climbed in and they were soon on the road again. Levon glanced at Todd and raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"You're blushing," Levon stated and Todd rubbed a frustrated hand over his heated cheeks.

"It's nothing," Todd snapped. Then he peered over at Levon, a tad nervously. "Just wondering, but how many people have you told about us kissing and stuff?"

"Did you not want anyone to know?" Levon asked and Todd shook his head at the careful way Levon posed the question.

"I guess it really doesn't matter," Todd shrugged, looking to his hands. They were rather dirty from taking down tents and packing up. "I just thought what we were doing was- I don't know- private? Just us?"

"Are you ashamed you got seduced by my overpowering gay-ness?" Levon joked, but the serious undertone was not missed by Todd who scoffed.

"As if you seduced me," Todd argued. "I'd kick your ass if you tried."

"Toddy, I've been seducing you since Christmas," Levon laughed.

"Who have you told and when?" Todd asked, back to the matter at hand and Levon glanced at him before answering.

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