Chapter Eight: Summer Break

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If Levon had known Betto would be such a pain in his ass he would never have let Aisha tell him what was going on between himself and Todd. The sly smirks and winks Betto kept sending Levon were only going to go unnoticed for so long before Todd started questioning things. Like why all his friends seemed to be pushing him to spend time alone with Levon. Why they all kept looking at him like they were about to start giggling. Why they were being made to share a tent for the first time in all the years they'd been camping.

As of now, Todd appeared oblivious to all the attention his and Levon's relationship was getting. Levon had noted how lost in his thoughts Todd had been since their talk. He was living in another world, barely noticing everything happening around him. Just that afternoon, while the group of them had hiked out to the water to swim, he hadn't seemed to notice the not-so-subtle way Betto had tried to get him to appreciate Levon's ass while Levon walked in front of them. Levon had turned around to scold Betto, but Todd had just shrugged it off with a lazy threat to Betto's life. Todd laughed shortly at the jokes, talked only when he was spoken to and stared off into space when left in silence.

Levon would like to say he wasn't the one who broke Todd, but he couldn't be sure that was the truth. He had promised to give Todd space after he confessed to having a 'crush' -a word that seemed too small for his true feelings- and he had held up his promise for almost three weeks. It was killing him slowly. He wasn't sure if he had made progress with Todd or set their relationship too far back to recover.

Levon couldn't say that Todd was avoiding him. Todd came by as often as he always did during the summer between working and hanging out with his other friends. He talked to Levon, and they hung out occasionally. But it felt distant. Todd didn't meet his eyes, always looking at Levon's nose or forehead instead. Todd didn't get too close to Levon. Todd didn't fight with Levon. Todd slept as far away as he could when they shared Levon's bed. Levon was about pulling his hair out wishing he could just kiss the stupid man, but also unsure if that was what Todd wanted. Levon was at the end of his rope.

Todd was sitting by the fire with Betto and Parker, trying to make sure it stayed lit, unlike the previous fire that Parker had set. Cash was getting the meats they planned to roast out of the cooler, and Aisha was seated next to Levon in front of her and Betto's tent. The two of them were watching Todd with interest.

"He's going to kick my ass," Levon sighed hopelessly and Aisha laughed like the terrible friend she was. "I shouldn't have taken you guys up on this."

"Stop being a baby," Aisha shoved him. "You need to reboot him because this empty Todd is kind of freaking me out. He didn't even curse at me for knocking his beer over earlier. That's really weird."

"He probably doesn't want to talk about it yet. And if I fuck up I might make him worse," Levon told her and she shrugged.

"I thought you were following Brad's advice?" She asked and badly mimicked Levon's friend's voice. "Fuck the consequences. Sometimes you have to do what makes you happy."

"If the consequences are that Todd hates me then that really won't make me happy so that doesn't help me much," Levon grinned a little, amused at her antics. He glanced at the tent he would be sharing with Todd. Levon was sure the plan had some flaws, but he wasn't going to back out. He really needed to get through to Todd.

Usually Betto and Todd shared one tent, Aisha and Levon shared one, and Cash and Parker shared one. After listening to Levon bitch about how frustrated he was with Todd's behaviour Aisha had gone and pretty much told Betto what was up between Todd and Levon. Betto had, of course, come stomping up to Levon's house to ask if it was true, then Betto and Aisha then decided to share a tent and to force Todd and Levon together. Levon wasn't sure if sharing a tent would be any different than sharing a bedroom, if the smaller quarters would make things worse, but he was planning at least try to get normal Todd back.

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