Chapter 1

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Percy's POV

It's been four years since Jason and I married at 21. We've settled down as a married couple in New York. We've bought a small one bedroom apartment and we've called it home. Of course, we've also placed many protection charms on it to mask our scent.

I awoke to sunlight streaming through the windows of our apartment. I notice the spot beside me was empty, and I panic for a moment. But, I hear shuffling from the kitchen and I begin to calm down. I glance around at our bedroom, taking it all in for the first time in a while. The walls were painted a royal blue and the ceiling was white. Our bed was facing the windows and diagonal from our bed was our two dressers. To the left of the bed was our closet and Jason's nightstand. The right was my nightstand and the door to the hallway. I smiled at the life Jason and I had built and got up from bed, stretching afterwards. I made my way to the kitchen that was down the hall. I see Jason making blue pancakes, his back turned to me. I sneak up behind him and wrap my arms around his torso. I feel him tense for a moment but he quickly relaxes. I kiss gently down the nape of his neck, and he sighs. "You're up early," he says to me, turning around so he can look me in the eyes.

I glare at him, "I smelt food, so I got up," I say shrugging. Jason laughs at this and I smile. I love making him laugh. He stops laughing and looks over me, love in his eyes. I kiss him gently and let go from his embrace.

"You have terrible morning breath, you know that right?" Jason says turning around to focus on the pancakes.

I roll my eyes while getting plates down. "You know you still love though," I say grinning. He chuckles and nods. I bring over the plates to him and he puts pancakes on each of them. I notice that they're blue and I smile. I love how he still remembers to make them blue.

We walk to the dining table and begin our breakfast. "I was thinking," Jason starts half way into breakfast, "We should go see Annabeth and Piper today, we haven't seen them in a while. I think it'd be nice to see them." I nod and ponder this. When was the last time I've seen Annabeth?

"I think that's a great idea, Jase. It would be nice to see them both," I say smiling at him. He seems relieved and we continue breakfast, happily. After breakfast, we get dressed and ready to leave. Jason gets slightly irritated with me when I take too long to fix my hair. But, he understands and doesn't get too mad. He laces our fingers together and we begin our journey to Annabeth and Piper's apartment.

We arrive at their apartment without a hitch. We even got to meet a few dogs on the way, which made me long for one even more. Unfortunately, our building doesn't allow pets. We knock on their door and it is quickly answered by a smiling Annabeth. Her hair is slightly messy and she looks tired. Nonetheless, she quickly let's us in and I admire their apartment. They have impeccable taste.  Piper comes out from the hallway in the corner carrying a bundle in her arms. I completely forgot they had a child, oh my gods. Piper smiles brightly at Jason and I and comes to greet us. She gives us each a kiss on the cheek and asks Jason if she wants to hold her daughter. Jason accepts eagerly and takes the infant into his arms. He coos at her and looks completely smitten. One day, we will have our own child and our own home with a lawn and a pool. Piper invites us to sit down on the couch and we sit down together on each side of the couch. Annabeth offers us coffee, Jason declines but I accept. While Annabeth goes to make the coffee, Piper turns to us. "So, how are you guys? How are your jobs?"

"We're good, I'm still having a hard time explaining to my fellow marine biologists how I know that our octopus is bored." At this Piper giggles and I hear Annabeth chuckle from the kitchen.

"How are you doing with the baby?" Jason questions, not taking his eyes off the little girl.

Piper sighs and laughs lightly. "Little Silena is a hand full, but we wouldn't trade her for the world." Jason and I nod, understanding. One day, I hope to have my own children with the love of my life, A.K.A Jason.

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