Chapter 10

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Jason's POV

The walk back to the car is comfortably silent. We found the car where we left it and went on our way, Percy driving this time. I sit in the passenger seat and admire Percy. The monster dust has settled into his hair and the moonlight glistens through the car window, highlighting his face. I smile to myself, glad to have him back. "So, what's the game plan for when we get back to camp?" I asked eager to get ahead, even though our plans never work. 

Leo thinks for a moment, fiddling with his toolbelt. "I guess we just head to my house and let Layla do her thing." I nod, that's all we really can do. "Layla, what exactly are you gonna do?" Leo asks, turning towards her. 

Layla fiddles with the edge of her t-shirt, "There are a few things I can do.  I think I'll start with getting a feel with how her magic has affected her. Then, depending on how bad she actually is, I'll try and coax the magic out of her. But, then she'll permanently lose her magic..." Leo's jaw drops at this. The car falls into an awkward silence. 

Finally, Leo murmurs quietly, "She just got her magic back. It isn't fair." His voice breaks and I can tell he's hurting. I know that Calypso losing her magic is bad but, her losing her life is worse. Although, I can't just tell Leo that. That'd ruin his mood even more. 

The rest of the car ride was filled with silence and occasional awkward small talk. The most danger we faced was someone cutting Leo off and him getting angry and setting fire to his hair. Leo wasn't allowed to drive after that. 

We arrive at camp at midday, the sun still high in the sky. We rush to the infirmary, practically breaking down the door trying to get inside. I step in and find Hazel sitting in the waiting room. "I wasn't aware you guys would be back today," she says, standing up and looking at us like we're crazy. 

"How's she doing? Is she okay?" Leo asks, frantically searching Hazel's face for any bad news.

"She's gotten worse, but now that you're here, she has a chance," Hazel answered, staring at Layla. 

I spoke up, "Hey guys, maybe you should go do what you came here for. Jason and I will stay up here; go do your thing." As I say this, Leo straightens up and glances at Layla. She gives him a comforting smile. He nods and they head through a door, and we're all quiet.

Layla's POV

My gaze falls on the girl that everyone expects me to save. Her skin has turned pale and her cheeks are sunken in. Still, she's very pretty, even if she is half dead. Leo looks at me expectantly and I nod, trying to reassure him. I take my jacket off and set it on a chair that's next to the bed. I kneel beside Calypso and gently grasp her hand, closing my eyes. I extend my magic and allow it to gently cover Calypso like a blanket. I furrow my brow, attempting to connect with Calypso. I'm trying to help you, you just gotta let me in, I say into my mind, hoping Calypso will hear me. 

Suddenly, I feel a whisper of something, and I extend my magic even further. She's letting me help her. 

Instantaneously, her magic overwhelms me and my head whips back. Memories fly by in an instant. I'm seeing her life on Ogygia, and when she met Percy. I feel the sadness she felt every time on the heroes had to leave. And then, I see images of her and Leo arguing. I feel her starting to like and even love Leo. I see them leave Ogygia on the back of a bronze dragon, and, finally, she's happy. 

Finally, I see Calypso in the home she shares with Leo. She's practicing her magic, making books and pillows move. After a while of practicing, she rubs her hands, focusing her magic. She extends her hands, letting the magic flow from her core to her fingertips. She shoots a beam at the curtains, causing them to open and fill the room with sunlight. She smiles and then looks around, and then spots her target, a metal serving pan. She furrows her brow and shoots another beam of magic at the pan, intending to destroy it. However, the beam rebounds off of the pan and hit Calypso. She falls to the ground, her body feeling as if it was on fire. She screams in agony, and I hear Leo shouting from outside of the living room. Then, I am thrust into darkness with Leo's screams echoing in my head. 

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