Chapter 7

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Jason's POV

Leo and Layla get out of the car and follow me silently. I make my way to Percy and he glares harder. I stand in front of Percy and Leo and Layla skoot around us and enter the hotel room. Now it's just Percy and I outside. I study his face, he has tear stains down his cheeks. I can't believe I hurt him this badly.

"Do you want to walk?" I ask gently and Percy just nods. We begin to walk in awkward silence. After a while Percy stops at a bench, and we sit. "I know you're angry," I begin.

Percy lets out a harsh laugh. "Oh, I am so beyond angry, Jason. You went off on a quest, and didn't even both to tell me. If you had died," he pauses, shaking his head, "I wouldn't of known. I would've just waited for you to come home."

I look down guiltily. He's right. I didn't think of the dangers we could've faced. What would've happened if I did die?

"You're right, Percy, and I am so sorry. I shouldn't of lied, and it was wrong of me. But, Leo needed me," I say and Percy cuts me off, standing up.

"I needed you, Jason! I need you," he pauses, tears threatening to fall, "alive and with me." Seeing Percy so broken made my heart heavy. How could I mess up so badly?

I stand up along with Percy and stare at him. I speak up, "Calypso is dying, and Leo needed help getting that sorceress. I couldn't just stand around while his fiancée is dying because I know how I would feel if it were you. I would search every inch of this world to save you Percy. I couldn't bare to lose you, Percy." Percy stares at me in shock. He runs his hands through his hair and turns away from me. He sits back down on the bench and I follow suit.

"I know I should've told you. We're a united front and we don't keep secrets," I pause waiting for a reaction but he gives me none. "Please just talk to me, Percy."

He picks his head up and it swivels around. "Shush," he says bringing out Riptide and uncapping it. I listen closely for a moment, and then I hear it. A loud howl pierces through our silence and Percy and I ready ourselves. We head towards a nearby alley, where the howl was coming from.

"Hey babe," I say, pulling out my imperial gold coin, "heads or tails?"

Percy rolls his eyes but grins, "Heads." I smile and flip my coin, it turning into a sword midair, and I catch it effortlessly. Percy stares at me and smiles, he loves when I do that.

(A/N: I am aware that Jason's sword was destroyed don't @ me, I really wanted to make that joke lmao, also I'm bad at fight scenes so bear with me)

The hellhound appears from a shadow, growling fiercely. Percy scoots closer to me, "It just shadow traveled, so it'll be weaker," he whispers looking for an opening. I nod, readying my sword.

Percy and I charge the hellhound, attacking from either side. The hellhound lunges for Percy, jaws snapping. Percy sidesteps easily and jabs at the hellhound, wounding it. I take this as my opportunity to strike, and I charge. Suddenly, the hellhound turns and strikes me, sending me flying. I land with a thud at the end of the alley, my arm aching.

"Jason!" Percy yells, starting to come towards me. The hellhound captures his attention by pouncing on him. Percy points his sword up and impales the monster on impact, turning it to dust. Percy hurriedly gets up and comes to help me up. He grabs my unwounded arm and lifts me up.

I glance over his dust-covered form, "We should get out of here, three demigods could attract more and more dangerous monsters."

Percy nods and grabs my wounded arm gently, "The cut doesn't look too deep, so you should be fine. I can heal you when we get back to the hotel. Are you okay though? That hellhound really threw you." I nod and go collect my sword, returning it to its coin form. Percy does the same with Riptide, and we begin our journey back to the hotel room.

We enter the hotel room and Leo and Layla stare at us with wide eyes. "What happened to you?" Leo asks looking us up and down.

"Hellhound," I say, going for the first-aid kit. Percy grabs my hands and leads me to the bathroom. He runs the water over his hand and it glides onto my arm. The bleeding stops and a scar starts to form. "Thanks," I say, smiling at Percy. He smiles back and squeezes my hand.

We head back into the main area with the beds and see Leo and Layla immersed in conversation. Leo stands up, "Percy, this is Layla. She's a witch and she's going to help revive Calypso." Percy and Layla politely shake hands and an awkward silence ensues.

"Well, I'm going to shower and get this monster dust off of me," Percy says while taking his bag and heading into the bathroom.

I take a seat on one of the beds and Leo joins me. "How mad was he?" Leo asks looking down at his hands.

I lean my head against the headboard, "Pretty mad, I think because Calypso is dying he's not as mad," I say, glancing at Leo. "Back when we were fighting the hellound, it was like we weren't even arguing, he even laughed at my joke... I just wish I hadn't kept this all a secret." Leo nods somberly. I know he feels guilty for asking me on this quest. It's not his fault though.

Shortly after Leo and my's chat, Percy comes out of the bathroom, shiny and new. He always looks so nice when he gets out of the shower, like he's focused himself.

"Alright gang, time to get showers and head to bed. We have a long day tomorrow," Leo says brightly before heading to the bathroom.

After everyone has showered, we head to bed. Leo, however, heads to couch after a staring contest with Layla. Percy shares a bed with me but doesn't cuddle up next to me like usual. This saddens me but I understand his reasoning. And with a heavy and guilty heart, I nod off into a dreamless sleep.

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