Chapter 9

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Percy's POV

After Leo and I ran off we quickly found ourselves surrounded by harpies. One of the harpies, a woman with rusty brown hair and bright green eyes, pounced on me, causing me to let out a startled scream. This also caused Riptide to be knocked out of my hands and into the forest. Leo lit his hands threatening the harpies to stay back, but they just drew closer.

"Phoebe loves when yummy half-bloods venture into the woods," the harpy on top of me growled out licking her lips. The other two harpies cackled in agreement. Slowly, I moved my arm towards my front pocket where Riptide should be waiting. Phoebe didn't notice as I slid my hand into my pocket and brought out Riptide, she was too busy watching Leo fend for himself. I brought Riptide up so it was pointing towards Phoebe's stomach. I flicked the cap off and before Phoebe could hop off of me, Riptide was through her stomach. She crumpled to dust and I scrambled to my feet, monster dust covering me thoroughly. The two harpies that surrounded Leo noticed what happened and wailed angrily. One leaped towards me and I sidestepped, my reflexes doing most of the thinking towards me.

"Take this you old hag," Leo shouts before covering himself in flames and launching some at the harpy he was battling. I feel the heat on my back as I'm drawn back into my own battle by the harpy clawing at my side. I move just in time for her claws to miss my ribs but they scrape against my sword arm. This causes me to let go of Riptide, once again, and I fall to the ground clutching my arm.

The harpy closes in, her teeth glinting in the moonlight. Out of all the ways to go, a harpy mauling me is probably one of the worst. But then, I hear someone shout my name and a spear comes flying past me into the harpy's chest, causing her to crumple into dust. Once again, I am covered in monster dust. I look over my shoulder and my blond Superman is running out of the woods into the clearing. I scramble to my feet and Jason runs towards me, his arms open.

Once he reaches me he wraps his arms around me and lifts me slightly, my feet leaving the ground. I hold him close to me, his past mistakes leaving my mind. All I cared about was having him in my arms.

He puts me down, his grip loosening but never letting go completely. "Are you okay?" He asks, looking me over.

I smile at him, "Thanks to you." He smirks at this, and then someone clears their throat. We turn and see Leo and Layla, their arms crossed with smug looks on their faces.

"Have you made up? Can we get back to our trip now?" Layla asks, raising her eyebrows at us. I bury my face in Jason's chest, embarrassed. He chuckles and nods. Layla and Leo turn around and start heading to our car. I step away from Jason and begin to follow, but he grabs my hand.

He looks at me, "Are we okay? I'm really sorry for what I did, and I know my words only mean so much... But, Percy, I can't go on like this; I miss you. We're in this together, like that marriage vow thing. 'For better or worse.'"

I squeeze his hand, "I miss you too," and kiss him gently, which he happily returns. With that, we head back to the car to continue our journey.

(A/N: kind of short chapter but I wanted reconciliation lol. I hope you guys like! Stay fabulous!)

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