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Percy's POV

It's been five years since our adventure with Leo and Layla. A lot has happened since then...

Jason and I have moved out of our old apartment and bought a house. That was one of the best days of my life. That is, until Annabeth agreed to surrogate our baby, and our little Silena came to be. Now that, made all of our past struggles worth it.

Jason and I are comfortable on our living room couch, watching some random sitcom. But then, a cry comes from Silena's room down the hall. I give Jason a look and he chuckles. I put my hands up, challenging him to rock-paper-scissors. He rolls his eyes, a small smile on his face. He puts his hands up accepting my challenge.... I lost.

I sigh, getting up to go check on Silena. Jason blows a kiss at me and I roll my eyes back.

Jason's POV

I watch the love of my life go check on our baby and warmth fills my chest. I sit back into the couch, listening for anymore sounds of distress. However, I just hear Percy shushing Silena, and she just cries louder.

He comes back carrying our fussy baby. "She needs a bottle," he says, passing Silena off to me. I take her gently in my arms, cooing at her. The shuffling in the kitchen distracts me from the baby, and I lift my head. Percy shakes the warmed up bottle and comes back to couch. He gives me the bottle, and I graciously take it from him. I nudge it towards Silena's mouth and she opens it eagerly. Soon, her cries are silenced with satisfied gulps.

I catch Percy staring at me, love in his eyes. "You stare a lot, Jackson," I say, a grin forming.

He chuckles and looks back at the T.V. but quickly snaps his gaze back. "I can't help it. Watching the love of my life feed our baby is on a whole 'nother level."

As soon as he finishes, I lean over and gently kiss him. He kisses back, but soon pulls away and looks at Silena, who is sleeping soundly. He puts his hand on my shoulder and rubs his hand across my bicep. "How about you put Silena back to bed, and we can continue this." I nod, a blush forming across my cheeks. He still gets me so flustered.

I lay Silena down as quickly and gently as I can and head back into the living room. I don't think I've ever been happier.


(A/N: wowie, I'm pretty proud of this epilogue. I'm kinda sad its over though. Thanks to everyone to saw this through, y'all are the real MVP's. Stay fabulous!)

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