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How to Woo Jason Grace // Jercy by Opheliac_
How to Woo Jason Grace // Jercyby ・:*✧ pershie ✧*:・
✓~ Percy Jackson has had a crush on Jason for as long as he can remember, tall and handsome, the perfect leader, gorgeous blonde hair, the list goes on and Percy loves a...
Heroes of New York by egwythe37
Heroes of New Yorkby Wythe
(Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover) (Percy/Jason) Highest rankings: #1 in 'jercy' #27 in 'crossovers' #16 in 'percyjackson' Percy Jackson is a mystery - to Spider-man, to...
Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s))  ✳️ by BridgetDiAngelo
Nightmares (Jercy Oneshot(s)) ✳️by Bridget Cagle
Percy's screams woke the crew on the Argo II. And Jason was the only one who actually calmed him. Both boys felt something. Pipers dirty little secret comes out. And the...
Tattoos and hair dye by blue_dauntless_cake
Tattoos and hair dyeby Raven
Percy was bullied at school and abused at home. He was known as the socially awkward gay emo kid of his school right next to his cousin nico and best friend thalia. Jaso...
High school by 100percent_writer
High schoolby random_girl_4life
Gods decide to erase their children's memories and send the to high school👀 Trigger warnings- might be some scenes that people are uncomfortable with not recommended fo...
I dare you to tame me  (a Jercy Au) by lilly050707
I dare you to tame me (a Jercy Au)by thatbitchLj
Everything was fine at camp halfblood until Lou Ellen asked Percy if she could test a new potion on him. Lets just say Percy isent exactly human anymore. Will they be ab...
Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU) by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Just Let Me Leave (Jercy AU)by BroadwayTrash_PJO
Jason seemed to be perfect. The people around him, though, weren't as lucky. Depressed. His sister. Anxious and Alone. His two best friends. There were even others, such...
HoO gay smuts by DaddyGayFics
HoO gay smutsby DaddyGayFics
Enjoy the thrilling reads of smut from Jercy, To Solangelo and Jasico and Percico (those are my main focuses) you can suggest something you would like to read and I will...
Betrayed Heroes  by cuddles90902
Betrayed Heroes by Narry Storan
When a quest went wrong Percy and Jason are sent to fix it. They arrive back early and go to surprise their girlfriends. They expected to be welcomed back with open arms...
Blonde Superman and Seaweed Brain [Jercy AU] [SLOWLY EDITING] by themadhatter_666
Blonde Superman and Seaweed Violet Blake
In which Jason Grace A.K.A Blonde Superman accidentally admits his crush on Percy Jackson A.K.A Seaweed Brain on a Youtube livestream. A Youtube AU for Jercy and friends...
I Hate You.. (A jercy AU) by lilly050707
I Hate You.. (A jercy AU)by thatbitchLj
Percy, The typical mysterious bad boy that all the girl's secretly fantasize about. Except for one thing..Hes as straight as a rainbow. He would come out but hes scared...
Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes read "The Lightning Theif" by -NotNobody-
Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes read " İAmAbsolutelyNobody
So my OTP is Percabeth but I don't like writing Percabeth I don't know why I just don't. So you may see a lot of Jercy/Lukercy- I know I'm weird.
The Forbidden Romance✓ by BlackSwan796
The Forbidden Romance✓by RaoNaynaSingh
This is the story of Percy and Jason where Jason is the one standing by Percy's side when no one was.... This story takes place after the blood of Olympus book, soo mak...
Not Good Enough by WriterAtHeart_2
Not Good Enoughby WriterAtHeart_2
Annabeth turns out to be bi and asks Percy for an open relationship . Will their relationship survive with Percy's low self-esteem , Annabeth's pride and their insecurit...
Insecurities by Fangirl4everr
Insecuritiesby Fangirl4everr
A bunch of one-shots where Percy feels insecure, and his friends assure him that he is good enough. Multi-Pairing.(Different pairings in different chapters, might repeat...
Percy Jackson & Aphrodite's Scarf // a mini-fic by Kittys_Stories
Percy Jackson & Aphrodite's Kitty
Remember when Percy and Annabeth retrieved Ares's shield? If so, do you also remember when Percy found Aphrodite's scarf? Thankfully, that time, Annabeth snatched it awa...
blue clouds-jercy one shots by katiedracomalfoy
blue clouds-jercy one shotsby katiedracomalfoy
just some cute jercy oneshots cause i ship them, none of the characters are mine, also i suck a dscription but please read
How to Care for Percy Jackson // Jercy by Opheliac_
How to Care for Percy Jackson // ・:*✧ pershie ✧*:・
✓~ Small Bob is a simple cat, he knows his place and how to live. Sadly, his human doesn't. Percy Jackson is a fragile thing, he needs Small Bob and the blonde and brown...
Jercy Alphabet by gay_weefee
Jercy Alphabetby gay-weefee
COVER ART: Cindersart ✔️ Completed ✔️ Its the alphabet + Jercy what could go wrong oof 26 Jercy oneshots, chapters inspired by the letters of the alphabet //Updates ever...
Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Hunt by oceanus-lycaon
Percy Jackson: Guardian of the Huntby lazy ass Mclazy
Annabeth had finally found someone that knew what they were doing. She had always known she could do better than the gods. It was a fatal flaw of course, but she refused...