Chapter 11

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Leo's POV

Layla's head snaps back and a flurry of emotions cross her face. Then, her face calms and she furrows her brows. She pauses and then lets out an agonized scream and falls to the ground. I rush to her side and look her over. She stirs on the floor and opens her eyes. "What happened? Are you okay?" I ask, helping her get up.

She shakes her head, looking at Calypso. "I know how to help her. She was trying to destroy a metal pan and it ended up reflecting and stuck her instead. Luckily, it didn't hit her directly. If it did, then she would've lost her magic completely. I'm going to try and coax the bad magic out of her. This may take a while," she declared while kneeling beside Calypso once again. I watch her anxiously, praying to the gods she can help.

Layla's POV

I close my eyes and reach out to Calypso again. I need to talk to you, please let me see you, I announce to my mind, hoping she can hear me. My vision warps and I'm standing in a beautiful cave, that I recognize as Ogygia. I see a woman sitting on the shore of the beach, she's looking out towards the setting sun. I make my way towards her and as I get closer she looks more and more familiar. 

"Calypso?" I ask, walking forwards slowly. She turns around and smiles softly. 

"Hello, Layla. You've seen my entire story and you see why I am stuck on this cursed island," she spat, crinkling her nose. 

I nod, "I'm here to get you to come home." She shakes her head sadly and turns her gaze to the sea again. 

"I can't leave this island, I'm cursed to stay here forever. The fates are cruel like that, Lyla," she says, turning back to me. I don't understand why she thinks that she's stuck here again.

"What about Leo? Don't you want to go back to him?" I ask, furrowing my brow. Calypso walked towards me and crosses her arms.

"Leo is gone, Lyla. Everyone that ever comes to Ogygia eventually leaves. Soon, you will leave too," Calypso sighed. I extended my hand to her and she took it. I extended my magic to her and she gasped. My vision went blurry and when it focused again, Calypso was surrounded by a black mist. I let her hand go and focus my magic on clearing the mist. I project all of Calypso's memories, trying to get her to remember. Then, the memory of her and Leo flying on the bronze dragon and tears start brimming her eyes. She falls to the ground with a sob, the mist evaporating. I rush towards her and wrap my arms around her. She hugs me back and then everything goes dark.

Leo's POV

Layla sits up with a start and a gasp. I jump up, my eyes flicking between Layla and Calypso. She looks at me and smiles brightly, and I furrow my brows. She nods her head towards Calypso, and I turn my head. Calypso eyes flutter and she turns her head to look at Layla and then to me. Tears start to well in my eyes, and I rush towards Calypso, crushing her in a hug. She hugs me back just as fiercely. 

Percy's POV

After about an hour of waiting Leo and Layla walk out into the waiting room. Hazel, Jason, and I stand up looking between the both of them. "She's okay guys. She's gonna be okay," Leo says, a smile plastered on his face. We all sigh in relief, and I look over at Jason. He's grinning brightly. Gods, I love that smile. I'm so glad Calypso is okay. 

"Good job, Layla," I say grinning at her. She smiles, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Leo opens his arms for a hug which she graciously accepts. Maybe everything will be okay...


Jason and I meet outside of the camp, having said our goodbyes and ready to head to the airport. He greets me with a kiss, and I happily kissed back. "What a wild ride, right?" Jason says, chuckling. I nod in agreement, looking out over camp.

'Let's go home," I sigh, grabbing Jason's hand and intertwining our fingers.

He gives my hand a gentle squeeze, "Let's."

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