Chapter 15: My first time

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Me and Co-Writer Jaz-Nao is here and will be droppinwith these update. We hear you all and here is what yall been waiting for. Enjoy❤❤

Kaylas POV
I woke up feeling so sore in the bed couldn't even move around without my pussy aching. I felt around my bed to feel my man so I can beat his ass but he wasn't in the bed. I sat up on my bed and tried to get up but I couldn't feel my legs so I flopped back on the bed. I got mad grabbing my phone and dialed Javen.
"Bae why you look so damn sad and pissed of at the same time? I brought you some food btw from Waffle House and ihop, it's that sugary ass waffles you always get." Javen said.
"I'm looking like this because YOU got me sore and YOU made my legs feel numb and it caused me to flopped back onto the bed jackass. So i'm not speaking to you, might as well give me my food please" I said laying down on the bed waiting for my food.
He hovers over me, spread my legs, pulling my thong aside and started rubbing my pussy. It was so satisfying and so sensitive I slipped out a moan. Seeing him really in tune into my body made me feel the need to explode.

I was going along with the rhythm of him until he stopped. I looked up at him with anger, "the hell you stop for boy?" He smiled and pinned my legs down and started sucking on my clit. I couldn't bare the sensitivity of my pussy all I could do was scoot up and that didn't do justice because, he just went harder sucking,licking and slurping my pussy clean of my juices.

"Baee stop...oh my-oh my Godddd. P-please imma stop with the mood swings, just stooop" I said all the while pushing his head away from my pussy, but he wouldn't budge. He keeps on saying "uh uh" with every movement I make. So I decided to play with his dick instead.

I rubbed my pussy feeling the wetness and then I was rubbing the shaft of his dick until he felt the urge to pull away. I said "uh uh" and I laid him down taking no time to devour all of him in my mouth.

I was just sucking away he was trying to make me get off of him so he started pulling my hair and the wig came off . This won't stop me from sucking the soul out of him. He was moaning "aw shit bae I'm about to nut stop" and I didn't listen I was in tune with sucking his soul n it look like I'm doing a pretty damn good job. His body was shaking, his toes was looking like some curly fries and the funny thing is he now pulling my forehead away and was about to literally throw me to the other side of the bed. But I still kept on sucking ,feeling his dick throbbing and releasing in my mouth, filling my cheeks up will sperm and swallowing every last drop. I even lick up every drop sperm was leftover from his dick and went back to my food and watch Power as if nothing had even happened. Javen was just in the same spot mesmerized by what just happened oh well he get over it. As I was watching my favorite tv show "Power", Javen was all up on me talking about some "I never had a girl to get me to cum just by sucking me up"and then he went to sleep. I smiled and shake my head this boy is something else and layer down with him drifting off about last night.

I remember I was trying to not to be too loud so I went in the shower to fix my urges Javen caused.I didn't notice nobody walking into the bathroom, I kept moaning speeding up the vibrator and rubbing it against my clit while fingering my pussy with my eyes close. I was about to climax but something grab me causing me to let out a loud scream.
"Damn Baby, it's just me calm down" Javen said as he started massaging my back. Those hands of his omg it was so manly I was only wondering how it gonna feel when he start rubbing my throbbing pussy of mines. He smiled and started playing with my tits squeezing my double D's.
His extended tongue swirled along my areola, sending a wave of pleasure along my spine. My breast are very sensitive, so all the sucking he did made me fall more in love with that man.

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