Chapter 26 Part 2

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The Werewolf Mate

Chapter 26 Part 2

*** Bella's P.O.V. ***

"You look absolutely sexy," he whispered in my ear as his hands went around my torso. He slid them down my back across my hips and down my legs earning a moan from me. His hands felt like fire across my skin and that was the good thing. The bad thing was he was making it hard to concentrate, and making forget about the plan to get back at him. I thought of the plan that Shauna and Lydia had come up with and kept it in my head forgetting about the way Scott's touch felt. I pushed on his chest and got his hands off of me. Ah much better. I looked at him taking his whole form in. you could see his clear defined chest outlined by his shirt and even though his blue jeans were a bit baggy you could see where he got... um, 'excited.' I chuckled a little bit and turned around in a circle, his eyes following my every move.

"You like?" I asked making my voice sound as completely innocent as I could. He nodded his head slowly looking me up and down. "I'm glad you do but to bad I cant wear it anywhere," I said with a sigh acting as if I was disappointed. He opened his mouth to say something but I had already had turned around and was walking back toward the bathroom to change, making my hips sway a little. I heard him groan right before I shut the bathroom door.

It took everything in me not to crack up laughing but I knew he was still in the room and could hear everything I say and that would just ruin our plan if he heard me. I changed back into my clothes I had on earlier taking my time. I pulled on my jeans over my underwear and then my shirt. Just as I was about to walk out the door I remembered not to talk to him. Why, you ask? Well it just builds up the anticipation. I walked out of the bathroom door and into his room, well our room since I sleep in here, to see him sitting back down on the bed his eyes filled with lust, and love and the tent still pitched in his pants.

I quickly looked down not wanting to look in his eyes knowing that I would probably give in. I walked across his room looking at the carpet the whole way to the door. I opened the door, turning the knob, and walked out of his room. He didn't follow me, thankfully! I wanted to talk to Shauna and Lydia to tell them how the plan was going so far. I went to Shauna's room and walked in not bothering to knock on her door knowing that she was decent because that girl loves clothes. I looked at her bed to see Tyson asleep with smudges of chocolate around his mouth and Shauna sitting next to him glaring at him a little bit.

I went and sat beside her and as the bed shifted from my weight she looked up at me slightly shocked from not hearing me come in. I smiled at her surprise and she smiled back.

"The plan went wonderful!" I said happily. Her face got a disgusted look and she said, "Yah I know. I heard some of it." I just laughed at her comment. Well that's what she gets for being nosey! She joined in my laughter and we talked about the next part of the plan.


*** Scott's P.O.V. ***

Bella walked away from me and out of my bedroom. I didn't follow at first so she wouldn't hear me because I knew something was up. As soon as she got out of hearing distance I got up from my bed and followed quietly behind her. She was walking down the hallway to Shauna's room and when she reached the door she went right in. I waited until she shut the door completely before walking up to it and put my ear against the door. I listened to them talk about their 'plan' for me. They kept going on saying what was going to happen or think what was going to happen because since I knew the plan now, I know what to expect.


Hey guys! I'm sorry it took awhile and it sucks but I just got 11 stitches in my leg from getting hurt by water skiing. You can go ahead and tell me how sucky it is and how much you hate it it's all right.

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