Chapter 24

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'You look HOT!' lydia and Shauna shouted at the same time. They had just finished caking makeup on my face. I got up off of the chair that they had forced me into and walked over to shaunas mirror above her dresser. They had put on eyeliner hot pink mascara and a charcol black eye shadow to give my eyes that smokey affect. My natural dark brown eyes looked black and they put on a light blush along both my cheekbones. They gave me that avril lavegne look which, trying not to be conceited, looked pretty good on me. 'See I tried this look on Tyson but it just didn't work. Hm Bella how would you like to be my new guinea pig instead of Tyson?' Shauna asked inspecting me by going in circles around me. I didn't really want to become Shaunas guinea pig but it might actually be fun. 'i guess-' I started but Shauna cut mee off by jumping around in circles and clapping her hands and yelling 'yay!'. Not even three seconds later Tyson was in there hugging my knees mummering thankyous. I just laughed at the sight of them and Lydia joined in with me. After Shauna was done doing her happy dance and Tyson was gone yelling done the hallway 'I'm free!' and other things close to that I told Lydia and Shauna that I needed a revenge plan on Scott. They both got and evil glint in their eyes and both of their faces held smirks. It actually kinda creaked me out. They dragged me into Shaunas closet that actually was decent except it was a blur of colors. They told me the plan and showed me what to and not to do. Oh Scott is going to get it bad! . ........................ Hey guys sorry it's not that long but since I wasn't felling well the other day we went to the doctor only to find out I'm sick! I have the stomach virus so I'm going to be puking my guts out and also today's my moms birthday. I'll try to upload today or tomorrow. So what do you think is Bellas plan to get back at Scott? Please comment and vote!!!

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