A Letter and A Mate

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The Werewolf Mate


A Letter and A Mate

Scott's P.O.V.

I banged my head against the wall. I was beyond furious; I was pissed! How had I let them take her? I was with her almost every second and the one time I do step away she slips out of my fingers. I just couldn't take it if something bad happened to her. I would rip the person to shreds if they dared to lay a finger on her. I had to get her back before I went insane and did something completely stupid, but I was not the only one suffering. Lydia hasn't been out of her room yet, and she hasn't eaten a thing. Shauna, her usually happy go lucky self was now depressed and quiet.

Jake and Jason weren't talking either. How had this one girl taken a big effect on all of us? We barely knew her and yet, here we were, all worried deeply about her safety. We all just wanted her back, especially me. I don't know what I would do without Bella: without my mate. I had already started to fall hard for her. I actually think I love her.

I turned away from the wall, even more frustrated than before. I had to stop thinking about her before I went into complete rage and killed anyone in my way to get her back. I had to come up with a plan and a good one at that, so I headed to the twins room, with barely any happiness on face.


Bella's P.O.V.

I woke up in a room, again, but instead of being able to see a bright happy room all I saw was darkness. I knew I wasn't at Scott's anymore, but I had no idea where I was. I tried to pull my hands down, key word: tried, but my hands stayed above my head tied together. I tried to move my legs, and thankfully they were not tied together.

"Ahh I see your awake," said a voice coming from the door in the room. I guess as I was doing my inspection I didn't notice someone came in the room. The man in the doorway looked about 20. He had brown hair that was cut military style and hazel eyes, with sharp features and high cheekbones. He stood about 6'1 with a slight build. Altogether you could say he was hot, but to me he had nothing on Scott.

He came forward slightly his gaze never leaving mine. He took a step sideways and his hand went above his shoulder and made a small gesture, and in came a small girl about the age 13. She had brown hair that fell in ringlets down her back with soft golden eyes. She was about 5'1 and was very pretty.

"This will be your maid, Molly. Anything you need tell her and she will get it for you," and with that he left leaving Molly and me in the room. I can't believe these people are so cruel. I mean a 13 year old is a maid!

"Hi. I know you don't want to be here and neither do I, and before you start asking questions that was the alpha of this pack. His name is John and everyone in the South West pack hates him except for the guys," she said looking straight at me," NEVER and I mean never disrespect him. You will highly regret it. I would know."

She looked so sad. Like she had seen too many things in life, and I felt really bad for her. She walked up to me, and stood next to the bed cutting the ropes that tied my hands together.

"Thank you," I said. Molly just nodded her head very vaguely. I sat up slowly on the bed and she came and sat next to me. We didn't say anything; we just stared at the floor. As we just sat there I came up with a bright idea, of course!

"I remember John saying if I needed anything you would get it for me," I started. Molly nodded her head looking at me with curious eyes. "Well, could I write a letter, a letter to Scott?" I looked at her with pleading eyes. Understanding flashed in Molly's eyes.

"Only if you tell me to get you the stuff you need. You can't ask," she said with a smile on her face.

"Ok then," I sat up straighter, "Molly get me a pen, a piece of paper and an envelope."

Molly nodded and ran to the door. She slipped out and not even a minute later she was back with everything I 'told' her to get. She handed me the supplies and I walked over to a small dresser in a corner in the room and started to write a letter to Scott.

' Dear Scott,

I'm with the South Heat pack, though I think you already know this. I have no idea where I am but I'm in a small room with a maid named Molly, and she's only 13! I have no idea what this pack is capable of and I'm afraid to find out, but I don't think that'll stop me. I miss all of you only though it has been a couple of hours. I think. Tell Lydia to come out of that room she's in. I know how she is. Tell everyone I say hi, and that I'm all right, just waiting for some one to come get me.

I think I miss you most of all though. I don't know why, but I feel a pull towards you but don't worry it's a good one. I truly do miss you dearly and all I can think about is that kiss. It was absolutely perfect in everyway and I know it's a little early to say this, well actually write it, but I think I'm starting to love you.

Truly yours,


I folded up the letter and placed it inside the envelope, while wiping a small tear that fell down my cheek. I sealed the envelope and wrote Scott's name on the front and kissed it lightly. I turned and handed the envelope to Molly.

"Get some one, trust worthy, to give this to Scott," I said walking over to the small bed while Molly grabbed the letter. She nodded and left. I laid on the bed my face in the pillow, and slowly drifted off to sleep dreaming of Scott.


Scott's P.O.V.

I was in the twins' room trying to come up with a plan to get Bella back, when I heard a knock come from their door. Neither of them made a move to get it so I did. I opened the door to see a blood shot Shauna and an unrecognizable girl about the same age as Bella (which is 17 and Scott and the twins are 19). She was holding a small envelope in her hands.

"She said she had a letter for you and only could give it to you," Shauna said pushing the girl slightly forward. The girl handed me the letter and then took a step back.

"I come from the South West pack and I hate it. If it's alright with you I would like to become part of you pack," she said in a confident voice. I looked into her eyes to see if she was lying. She wasn't. I nodded weakly wondering what the letter said. I went over to sit in a chair next to the window in the twins' room. As I walked over there I saw Jake get up and go to the new girl. I guess someone just found his mate. I chuckled softly.

I sat down in the chair and opened the letter. I read it once, twice, then a third time just to make sure I was reading it right. The letter was from Bella, and said she loved me! Well, was starting to love me but that didn't matter. This made me ecstatic but it also made me want to get her back even more. I turned back to the guys and started planning.


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