Chapter 15- Unexpected Mates

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Chapter 15- Unexpected Mates

***Bella's P.O.V.***

I walked out of Scott's arms, and the kitchen heading for the front door, where Lydia had just come in. She was talking to one of the guys but when she saw me she stopped and ran over to me engulfing me in a hug. I didn't hug her back I just waited until she was done then grabbed her arm and dragged her to her room.

We walked through the already open door and I let go of her wrist shutting the door and turning to face her. Lydia sat on the bed looking at me with an 'I'm sorry expression'. I put my hands on my hips and raised both of my eyebrows giving her an expression

That said, pretty much, explain, NOW!

"You see your mother told me not to tell you after she figured out you wouldn't shift until your eighteenth birthday. She wanted you to have a normal life and she was going to explain that you were a werewolf on the day we got kidnapped, but well... um yah. I'm truly am sorry I couldn't tell, and I wanted to, badly but I had to respect Luna's orders, which is your mom by the way since your dad is alpha of a different pack, but is allied with Scott's," she said without taking a breath. "Please forgive me!"

Lydia had the puppy dog look on her face and how could anyone resist that? I mean her brown eyes went big and she pouted her lips. She looked completely innocent! Only if she was! I walked over to where she was sitting on the bed and gave her a small hug, nodding my head. She hugged me back for a while before I pulled back.

"Ok now that that's out of the way, would you like to tell me about the fight," I asked and immediately she went into explaining. About how Scott and everyone here were depressed and sad that I was gone and how Scott didn't sleep at all because he was planning the whole night I was there. How Jake found his mate and then up to the part where they came to Johns house that was actually in another country! And all the way up until we ended up here, right in the position we were.

She took a deep breath after she said all of that but continued and what I heard next almost sent me into shock.

"What," I screamed, "how did this happen, when did this happen?" I looked at Lydia who winced as I yelled getting my frustration out. I stood there starring at her fuming and then I just barged out of her room. Lydia shot up and followed me asking me over and over again what I was doing but I ignored her. I made a strait beeline for the kitchen some how knowing he was there.

He was leaning up against the counter an apple in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. As soon as I walked in he put the stuff down and walked over trying to give me a hug. I moved away from his arms and confusion flashed across his face but as soon as Lydia walked in the door recognition flashed in his eyes.

I looked from both of them and saw Lydia give him an apologizing look. He just shrugged and turned back to me. I bet you I looked like that old lady from Madagascar that hit the lion yelling bad kitty at him, but I could care less.

"Come on Bells," Lydia started, " I mean it was kind of obvious. He didn't go out with anybody since we met and neither did I, and we didn't even know for a while. Actually we didn't know what was happening to us until our parents told us, and we didn't tell you for exactly this reason and because we weren't suppose to but that's not my point. Can you at least calm down and let us explain?"

Lydia had that pleading look on her face again and I calmed down a bit. Damn! I need to learn how to resist! I nodded my head at them and he walked over to Lydia grabbing her hand, interlacing their fingers and started walking over to the table behind me. I turned and followed them but sat across from them.

"As you know since your mom is Luna we have to listen to her, no matter what and she told us not to tell you. So we didn't. We acted like we were friends but never went out with anybody since we were mates and it actually hurt both of us. You know I would never lie to you and that I love you but could you just forgive us and try to get used to this," she asked waving her hand in-between them.

""Fine," muttered, "but I'm not all the way okay with it." I said getting up from the table. They both let out a breath they had apparently been holding and when I thought about it they actually did make a good couple and had a lot in common. I left them sitting there going to find Scott, but not leaving before I gave my best friend and my brother one last look.


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