Chapter 12- Saved

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Chapter-12 Saved

Bella's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of crashing and screaming and the room completely dark. It sounded like something was going on outside, and it wasn't good. Well, at least for them. I stumbled to the door, tripping every once and a while, but thankfully made it there without bleeding. My hand ran down the wooden door tracing the out line looking for the doorknob.

My hand touched the cold metal and I grabbed it firmly. I twisted and opened to see chaos going on outside. I saw wolves fighting each other, little kids running. There was some dead wolves and some badly injured, but what caught my eye was two huge wolves fighting in the middle of it. The black wolf was winning while the blonde one had cuts and scrapes along his body. They each radiated power, and for some reason I was hoping the black one would win.

Two wolves, one a red color, the other a light blonde, came up to me. One stayed in front of me and the other went behind me and gently nudged my leg. I had a feeling it wanted me top walk forward to follow the blonde wolf, so I did. I mean I didn't want to be dog food! The blonde one took off, causing me to run to keep up, through the house dodging everything.

It led us to a door and the red wolf nudged my leg again, pushing me towards the door. I walked forward and opened it braced for whatever was behind it, but it surprised me. The door led outside! I was guessing these wolves came to help me get out, that meant they were part of Scott's pack, and that meant Scott was here. Panic flooded through me. He could be hurt or even dead.

I tried to turn around, to go look for Scott, but the wolves pushed me out of the door, literally. The blonde one slipped in-between my legs and stayed there. And it was very awkward, to say the least. The red one came up beside me nodding it head, indicating me to sit. I sat down on the wolfs back and it took off running, heading strait to the forest. I was jerked back, but saved my self by grabbing a fist full of fur.

The wolf was running fast. Like Edward Cullen fast, but... faster. Wind burned my eyes and the force of the wind kept pushing me back, so I laid my stomach flat on its back and put head where its head and shoulder blade connected. I looked to the side, peeking out of the wolves fur and saw the red wolf running along the side of us. It looked like it was worried and kept looking my way. I put my face back in the wolves fur and shut my eyes.

They ran for a while. Probably for about half an hour till the woods started to thin and they slowed down. I took my head out of the wolves' shoulder and sat up strait as they walked for a while. I looked around the thinning trees and saw they looked familiar, and my accusation was right when the wolves stopped right in front of Scott's house.

I jumped off the wolves' back and they both started shifting back. You could see there bones move and everything change into a human stance and watch all the fur disappear from their bodies. The two wolves became Jake and Shauna, thankfully with clothes! I ran up to both of them engulfing them in a hug.

I thought back to the letter I wrote reminding me of Lydia. I took my arms from around them and ran into the house without saying a thing to them. I ran down the empty halls all the way to Lydia's room to find the door locked. I knocked and knocked; calling her name but there was still no answer. I finally took a bobby pin out of my hair and picked the lock leading to her room.

The lock clicked and I pushed my way inside just to find nobody in the room. I ran to the bathroom and checked the closet but there was no sign of Lydia. I ran out into the hallway looking everywhere but I still couldn't find her. What if something happened to her? What if she got hurt or did something stupid like tried to kill her self. I slid down against the holding my head in my hands letting tears fall down my cheeks. It had been years since I cried but all I could think about was my friend. My best friend.

I heard footsteps coming my way from down the hallway I came from but I didn't pick up my head I just stayed there. They cleared their throat and I picked up my head to see... Oh my god!


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