Tyson, Make- up and Shot?

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The Werewolf Mate

Chapter 18- Tyson, Make- up, and Shot?

*** Tyson's P.O.V. *** (Yay!!!!!! I love Tyson don't you?)

I was bored! I mean really bored, too. I always liked messing with people when I was like this but who to mess with, who? I thought of all the people in the house right now. There's Scott and Bella, Lydia and Drew, Scott and Bella and Scott and Bell. I think I'll go with the third choice. There weren't a lot of people in the house since everyone was doing something, like running perimeter, chasing their tail, and well... yah you get my point. I walked down the hall to Scott's room, where I knew he would be, with Bella.

Don't get me wrong, I love Scott and Bella, but it's fun to pick on them because they never ruin my fun or get mad at me. I walked into Scott's room, without knocking, to find Bella on Scott's chest and Scott's arms around her. GAG! I shut the door as quietly as I could, trying not to wake them up. I waited about five minutes before I kicked my plan into action. I ran across the room and jumped on top of them screaming at the tops of my lungs. I hope no one was sleeping. Their eyes opened quickly and they both looked for the person responsible, and of course, both of their eyes landed on ME!

Bella shot up out of the bed, like a racecar on NASCAR, and she jumped after me. I ran around the room, as she followed. She finally caught me, after like seven minutes, and brought me over to Scott's bed. She put me on it and started tickling me! I laughed really hard and she joined in. As I was laughing I saw Scott look at me and nod, then he got off the bed and snuck up behind Bella. He hugged her around the waist and you should have seen her face! It was so funny, that I almost started laughing again. Almost being the most important word in that sentence, because then they started making kissy face at each other. Ew, I'm scarred!!!

I ran out of the room yelling that down the hall and into the kitchen, where I found Lydia. I told her about them kissing and scarring me. She grabbed my hand and took me back up stairs to the two sucking face people and started to yell at them. Haha that's what they get! I stuck my tongue out at them and ran out the room and down the hall again, only to be stopped by Auntie Shauna. No she isn't really my aunt she's my cousin but I liked to call her that. She caught me in a hug and started walking to her room.

"Come on Tyson I need someone to test out the colors of my make-up and you're the first one I found so lucky you," she said. My eyes went wider than bouncy balls as she said that.

"But Auntie Sh-," she cut me off, putting a hand over my mouth.

"No buts Ty," she said in a voice, which said no- arguing- and- this- conversation- is- over. Aw man!

I better get a cookie out of this, and a big one at that!

*** Drew's P.O.V. *** (ß-- Bella's older brother)

I was running perimeters thinking about Lydia the whole entire time. I finally got to be with her, without boundaries. I got to be with my mate and my sister was fine with it! Well, almost fine with it. Oh, well. I felt bad for my baby sis, and her mate. How she had to go through all of the things that happened to her in less than a week.

She went from getting kidnapped, to getting a mate and finding out werewolves, and then getting kidnapped again, just to come back to find out she's a werewolf! And her, mate. He had to sit there and worry and plan to get Bella back when she got kidnapped. I couldn't even imagine what would happen if Lydia got kidnapped and taken from me. I would be furious, there was no doubt about it, and I would probably kill anyone in my way to get her back.

Yah Scott almost did that but he seems to have this calm attire that never leaves his face, unless he's with Bella that's is because then it shows love, but I was shocked. He was a young alpha but a good one at it. I hope I could be like him when I become alpha of my dads pack. I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts and get back to my task and catch up to the other wolves that were running perimeter with me near Scott's house.

I had decided to help Scott out before I go back to my house for keeping my sister and mate safe. I ran with the other wolves going along the edge of the perimeter looking for any signs of danger. Scott has been sending more people out to check since Bella got kidnapped. He really did love her, I could see it in his eyes, and I knew she loved him too. I hope nothing goes wrong between them.

I sniffed the air checking for any unrecognizable scents, when... BANG! A shot rang out and I fell to the ground on my right side keeping the bullet wound on my left from getting in the dirt. I could feel blood run down my sides, soaking my fur. I closed my eyes from the lack of blood, just hoping to see Lydia's face one more time.

*** Shauna's P.O.V. *** (Feel bad for Tyson!)

"Tyson sit still!" I shouted. Tyson was sitting on a chair at my vanity in the corner of my room. I was trying to see which lipstick would look better but he wouldn't hold still so it kept on smearing on his face.

"Auntie Shauna no! Why can't you just put on yourself and see which one is better," he yelled. I looked down hurt and started to fake sob. I turned away from him pretending to cry but all the while I had a smile on my face.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you cry. I'll do what ever you want, just don't cry," Tyson said from behind me. I wiped away my 'tears' and stopped 'sobbing' and turned back to Tyson with the same smile on my face as before.

"Ok, thanks Ty! Now let's try this one and then some eye shadow and after that I have to pick out a dress for Saturday, also known as Bella's birthday (a/n in the story it's Thursday) since we're going to through her a part, but no telling her!" I said. Going to grab a bunch of dresses from my closet and the eye shadow kit from my dresser. Huh, you thought Tyson was the master at manipulation. He had to learn it fro someone didn't he?


Hey guys! I made this one a bit longer and added Tyson point of view for all the Tyson fans out there. And if you're a fan of his please tell me. So I have some questions. 1) Who shot Drew (Bella's brother) 2) How do you think Bella react to being a wolf? And the most important question yet #3) Does Tyson get his cookie???? I hope so. Please comment. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Do it for Tyson! Tyson does puppy eyes


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