Taken------ Filler

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The werewolf mate


Bellas P.O.V.

Taken -- Filler

I draged my hand across my mouth wiping away any trace of siliva from around my moth whil Mr. no name just looked at me.

Man, he wasn't even angry, he actually looked slightly amused while the others looked disgusted.

I was really hoping he would be mad at me. I just loved to make him angry at me. Did I have any idea why? Nope!

Did I not like not knowing? Nope! Do I ask myself too many questions? Definately!!! I looked into his eyes

to find him looking at me to, but once we locked eyes everything in my vision dissapeared from my sight except for him.

Now you see something happens everytime I find something good in life, and that is why I was knocked

out of my little thingy, whatever you want to call it, with the amazing guy in front of me hearing a 'thud' behind me.

Oh, crap Lydia. She always had fainting spells when she was scared or extremely angry. I turned around,

my hair honey blonde hair wipping in my face, to see her lying on the grond in a very uncomfortable position. Ouch, that probably hurt.

Ahh oh, well! I thought, now I have to get her home. 'Sigh'.

"Look," I said to these guys, "I go to get her home, so if y'all would just leave..." but when I finished my sentence they were looking

at me and I knew something was gonna happen.

I tried to walk over to a probably hurting Lydia but was stopped by a hand reaching out to grab my wrist. They had a firm grip on my hand

but it wasn't enough to hurt, but oh well. I moved my hand to

grab my so called "attackers" wrist and lift his arm over my shoulder to flip him, but let me tell you this dude was HEAVY!!! Like a ton of

bricks heavy! What did he eat? Maybe... nah I don't want to know.

I turned my head to see, well I'll let you guess, do you know who? Yup, the one, the only, Mr. No Name!!! He looked at me and smirked.

Really what is up with guys and smirking? Is it like part of some maly thing to do?

"Little Pixie," he started, "you and your friend aren't going anywhere."

"Hahaha, very funny now let go of my wrist," I seethed.

"You think I'm kidding?" he said with a serious exspression. I thought about this and looked at his face, then thought some more.

Do I really think he is serious? I pulled his hand again but he didn't budge, so I was guessing

ha was, seriuos. Now I started to get afraid. I opened my mouth to scream but he stuffed a handkercheif in my mouth. Wait where... "oophm",

I was thrown over his shoulder with my hands beneith me and his arms wrapped around my

legs. He turned us around and looked at the guys. Then he nodded over to Lydia and one of them went to grab her. I tried to get free but my

attemts were useless. As he continued to walk we got closer to the trees and soon enough

all I saw was green and a very nice butt too, might I add. Ahh, snap out of it.

"Time to get home, and I'm sure little sis will like these two," I heard him mumble before I drifted off from the lack of my blood not going to my brain.


Heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Well, sorry guys it's soooo short! It's judt a filler, and in the next chapter you will meet

a new character! The new character will be someone who won one of my contest that will be in this story! And PLEASE, PLEASE,

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