Sister, names to faces and now I pass out?

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The werewolf mate


Still in Bellas P.O.V.

Sister, names to faces and now I pass out?

He walked for hours while I just 'hmphed' and got jostled around like I was a rag doll.

And once I was able to get my hands free and hit him in the back of the head and bit him but he just

got my hands back under em somehow and slapped my butt! What is he some perverted ninja dude?

"That's what you get," was his remark after him hitting my butt. Yah, but I bet you he didn't

know what he was gonna get when I got my hands on him. I started thinking of things I could do to him

but I noticed two wolves running along side us in the forest and that one of the other guys was missing, well obviously it

was the guy that wasn't carrying Lydia that was missing.

I looked back at the wolves andstudied them. One of the wolves had red fur and was slim, while the other was a

blonde that was kinda big. Hehe the blonde one looked like a big golden retriever!

"Ahhhhhhhhh,"someone screamed. Oh, wait, I know that voice. It was Lydia! Ah, well I

see she woke-up (finally) and saw the wolves.

"Dang, girl,"said twin number1, "you got a LOUD scream." I just smirked, well tried to

with something in my mouth.

"W-w-w-wolve," Lydia got out while trying to control her breathing.She was hyperventleating.

Crap! I wiggled my arms out then hit Mr. no name in the head and when his arm loosened

around my waist I kneed him in the stomach. He dropped to the ground on his knees

while I ran to Lydia.

I punched twin number 1 in the jaw. What, I have a good right hook.

I grabed Lydia by the shoulders and shook her lightly.

She was stiil starring at the wolves

which I just noticed were standing right in front of me. I looked up at them and saw something

so weird.

There shape was changing. You could hear bones pop and there muzzles shrink until

it was a moth. There stance became human like and their claws grow into hands and fingers.

Their hinde legs became strait. They changed into humans.

But thank the Lord. They hadclothes on. One was the other twin; twin number 2. The other was a girl.

She hadfeiry red hair and green eyes. She was slim but not too skinny; she had an athletic build.

She was about 5'6 and had freckles on her pale skin. She was pretty. She had the same face structure

as Mr. No Name. I was guessing they were related some how.

"Hey sis," said Mr. No Name, comming up and put a hand on her shoulder. Ahhh so I was right!

I'm so good.

"What's up, Scott?" she said. Wow that was a blonde moment I thought. Couldn't she see us?

I mean I was right here with a passed out Lydia in my arms. I think I'm gonna like her!

"Well," stated Scott. Then he pointed at me, as if that explained everything the girl sighed.

"I knew it," she said. What, what did she know?

"Hey, don't look at me like that Shauna," he said and tried to pick me up again. I just scooted

back with Lydia in my arms. One of the guys came up to me and grabbed Lydia and the other

grabbed my arms and put them behind my back.

"Jason, let her go," Scott said. His voice had a tone of athority that could make you do anything

he said. Jason let go of my arms and took a step back. (he's twin #1)

"What the hell!" I started, "those two, I pointed to the other twin and Shauna, "just went

fom wolves to humans and you're okay with this?"

"Uhhhh, yah," he said with a confused face.

"Oh, ok," I said. I wasn't going to show that I was freaking out right now! He made a grab for

me again and this time I let him pick me up. We carried on walkind, but this time Shauna and

the unnamed twin walked with us.

No one said a word so it was silent except for the nature around

us moving. After about fifteen minutes we started to leave the forest and a HUGE house came into


It was at least a five story house. It was white, had lots of windows, and a bunch of cleared space

around it. As we came closer to the house Lydia started to come to, but she didn't say a word.

They walked all the way up to the door and just walked in. This house may have looked clean on the

outside but let me tell you this it was a freakin mess on the inside. It looked like you let achubby kid

(no offense) run wild in a candy store with no limits.

It had clothes thrown in the halways, food lying on

furniture and tables. People eveywhere running amuck, but as soon as we enetered everyone stopped

what they were doing and starred.

What is up with people and starring? We continued to walk, well

they did since I was still being carried, and stopped in front of a couch.

They set Lydia and me down on the

couch and took a step back. All except for Scott and Shauna that is. They sat me beside us, Shauna next

to Lydia and Scott next to me.

There was a few more minutes of akward silence before everyone went

back to what they were doing before.

You could hear whispers of like 'Man she's hot' or like 'I'd band that'

and like 'I wonder who they are'. While others were just even more perverted. Lydia and I looked

around at all the people. There had to be at least sixty people in this house.

"Welcome to my pack," said Scott before both myself and Lydia were consumed into darkness.


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