Chapter 13

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Time was slowly passing and all Beca was doing was writing more and more songs. It was already the middle of September and Beca's and Jenny's birthdays were coming up.

"What do you want to do for your birthday?" Chloe asked as soon as they were left alone in the room because Jenny went to bed.

"I don't really care. Just something nice with you two." Beca answered kissing Chloe's cheek.

"But you know that it's Jenny's birthday a few days after yours and I thought that we could go somewhere?" Chloe said smiling and picking up her laptop.

"On a small vacation?" Beca asked.

"Yeah," Chloe said, "That's what Jenny has been begging me for. She always wanted to go somewhere but we couldn't."

"Why?" Beca looked at Chloe who had turned on her laptop and started looking for plane tickets.

"She was too little, I was alone with her, we didn't have so much money and I had to work." Chloe told Beca.

"So where would you like to go?" Beca asked.

"Somewhere in Europe." Chloe said excited. "We could have a small trip around a few countries."

"Yeah, that would be nice."

They sat there for a few hours planning a trip around Europe. They bought tickets to Berlin and back and decided that they'll figure out where to go after that. The plane there was on the 20th of September but back on 10th of October.

Tim flew by fast and Chloe found herself waking up in 19th of September so surprised that she had to wake Beca up.

"We have to, you know, start packing maybe!" She told Beca who was rolling out of bed.

"Yeah, I know." Beca said standing up and walking to the closet.

Chloe had already done everything that was needed to get them away. The trip was planed, tickets were standing on her nightstand and she had agreed with everyone that her and Jenny won't be in America for 20 days.

It was Sunday so they had plenty time
to pack. Chloe called Aubrey to come and help them because she had no idea what to take. They had never been away for so long.

They were all sitting in Jenny's room trying to explain to her that she couldn't take her huge teddy bear that Beca had bought her a few days ago.

"This fuss is too much!" Beca whispered pulling Chloe aside.

Chloe pulled Beca closer and kissed her softly.

"It'll be right. You know that! She's just a small kid. You have to get used to that!" Chloe said smiling at Beca.

"Never buying her anything again!" Beca whispered to herself, although, loud enough for Chloe to hear.

They packed everything and Chloe sent Jenny to sleep.

They had to wake up really early and she wanted Jenny to be in a good mood on the plane.

As soon as Jenny was asleep Beca and Chloe cuddled next to each other in their bed. Chloe pressed her head against Beca's shoulder. Her bright orange hair was all over Beca's face. But she wasn't going to complain. Beca enjoyed every second of being with Chloe. Beca had both of her arms around Chloe. She was already used to sleeping like this every night.

Chloe felt safe with Beca next to her. Those three years that Beca wasn't there had been painful so Chloe enjoyed every second when Beca was next to her.

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