Chapter 19

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They traveled to London the next day.
When getting out of the airport Beca noticed a few people staring at her. She looked at them uncomfortably.

"Why are they looking?" She asked Chloe who had noticed it too.

"I literally have no idea." Chloe replied.

On the way to the hotel a young girl around 14 walked up to Beca.

"Can I take a picture with you?" She asked politely.

"Yeah, of course!" Beca said letting her take a few selfies.

"Umm," Beca looked at her confused, "Can I ask you why?"

"What why?" The girl couldn't understand what Beca was talking about.

"How do you know me?" Beca asked.

"Everyone knows you. Your song has over one billion views. And all those followers on Instagram..." She started counting everything down.

"Wait, wtf?" Beca looked at Chloe who was just as surprised as her.

Beca took her phone out as fast as she could. She opened her Instagram to see that she had 367,8 k followers.

"Last time I checked I had 167 followers." Beca said while showing her Instagram to Chloe and laughing.

"Thank you!" Chloe said to the girl who was still standing next to them, "We wouldn't have noticed it for a long time of you wouldn't had said anything!"

That was true. Chloe had told Beca that while they are on their holiday they won't use any social media. Beca had turned all her notifications off.

Really surprised they headed down the crowded streets of London. Beca's mind was full with questions. How did that happen? How didn't she notice? What to do now? Beca understood that Chloe had the same questions on her mind so there was no use of asking her for advise.

Beca took out her phone as soon as they were settled down in their hotel room. She scrolled through her contacts to find someone she could call. Aubrey was at the top of the list so Beca automatically went for it.

"Oh hey, Beca!" Aubrey exclaimed over the phone, "I'm a bit surprised that you're calling me!"

"Oh, yeah, sorry if I'm calling too late. Just that I need to talk to someone. Have you seen what happened to my video?" Beca asked while looking in Chloe's laptop at her YouTube channel.

"Yeah I've seen it Beca. The song went viral!" Aubrey said and Beca could feel that she's smiling on the other end.

"I know!" Beca smiled at her phone, "I just need someone to prove to me that it's not a dream."

"Yeah, I understand, Beca!"

They talked for a long time. Mostly discussing what to do, what to write more, what to post on Instagram and stuff like that. When the call ended Chloe was already laying next to Beca and Jenny was practically asleep in her bed.

"Wow!" Beca whispered to Chloe, "Looks like we'll have to spend all this trip taking pictures with my fans! Although I have nothing against it."

"Yet!" Chloe said smiling, "At least I know that you are happy!"

"I was happy before too, Chlo! Just now I feel like I am able to do something useful." Beca smiled beck at Chloe and kissed her for a second.

"Well you have always been just perfect!" Chloe said smiling and leaning in for another kiss."

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