Chapter 10

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They woke up tangled in each others arms.

"Good morning beautiful!" Beca said smiling at Chloe slowly waking up.

"Hey!" Chloe said kissing Beca's nose.

Beca rolled closer to Chloe and kissed her for a second.

"Do we have to wake Jenny up?" Beca asked breaking away from the kiss.

"Yes, we do. And we have to bring her to kindergarten. And we have to explain her this." Chloe shook her hand between them.

"Ah, yeah" Beca sighed, "Can I take her to eat ice cream with me?"

"Why?" Chloe asked.

"Well I could talk with her and tell her that we're together and if the wants me as her parent or something." Beca said nervously.

"Of course you can!" Chloe smiled, "You can pick her up at 3 o'clock from her kindergarten. Then you can take her for ice cream. She would really like that!"

"Kay, thank you Chloe!" Beca said rolling out of Chloe's bed.

Beca and Chloe woke up Jenny and drove her to kindergarten. They returned to Chloe's home to make some lunch.

Chloe was standing next to the stove mixing a cheese sauce for the pasta Beca had mm already made. Chloe had a light blue dress on.

Beca walked up to her from the back and rapped her arms around Chloe. She kissed her neck softly.

"Are you cooking?" Beca asked planting another kiss on her shoulder.

"You can clearly see that I'm cooking, Beca!" Chloe said turning around and pulling Beca into a kiss.

They had lunch the whole time sitting and laughing at Chloe's experiences in the four years. They sat there for hours talking.

"I think I have to go, Babe." Beca finally stood up, "It's already 2:30."

"Yeah go pick her up!" Chloe pressed a small goodbye kiss one Beca's lips.

Beca got out of her house and into her old car. She tried to make it go for a few minutes until she succeeded.

She drove to the address Chloe had written down on a small pace of paper.

She walked into the large group of kids. She quickly skanned the room looking for a small red head. Next thing she knew was Jenny running and jumping around her neck.

"Hey, kid!" Beca said hugging Jenny.

A teacher walked up to them.

"Who is this, Jenny?" She asked looking at Beca who was holding Jenny in her hands.

"My other Mommy!" Jenny said happily while Beca put her on the floor.

"No, I'm her mom's friend." Beca corrected.

"Okay, thank you. Why haven't you picked her up before?" The teacher asked.

"Because she was sleeping!!" Jenny almost screamed.

"Ah okay." Teacher said confused.

They walked out of the kindergarten.

"Are we going home?" Jenny asked holding Beca's hand.

"No. I thought you would want to get ice cream with me!" Beca said.

"Jesss. Ice cream!" She said jumping up.

They got into Beca's car and drove to the ice cream shop that Beca and Chloe used to go to.

"I like it here!" Jenny said pulling Beca into the shop.

"Yes, me and your mom used to go here before. She really liked the ice cream!" Beca said taking a seat at a small table.

"What's your favourite ice-cream?" Beca asked Jenny as they walked up to the ice cream stand.

"Peppermint with chocolate chips!" Jenny said pointing at it.

"Yeah," Beca sighed, "It's Chloe's favourite too."

They ordered their ice creams. Beca took one with peanut butter because she wanted to try something new. They sat down and started eating.

Beca looked up and smiled at small Jenny eating her ice cream. She looked like Chloe so much. A small version of Chloe.

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