Chapter 16

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Beca stood up as fast as she could.
Julia didn't look bothered by anything. She looked like she was used to talking shit about people right in their faces.

Beca quickly looked at Julia. She was really tall with long brown hair. Her bright green eyes were shining in excitement. Julia was talking with German accent. The guy who was sitting next to her, as Julia called him Yong, looked like he was somewhere from China. Yong was about twenty centimetres shorter that Julia.

Julia laughed: "How exactly do you have a child when you are together with 'her'?"

"Well you don't dare to even open your mouth to say anything against Chloe!" Beca started creaming right in Julia's face, "She did nothing to you! Nothing! I don't know who you are but you can pick your lazy ass up and leave. We are here to enjoy our time!"

Beca looked at Julia's surprised face and added: "And our child has nothing to do with you!"

Julia was left speechless. She hadn't guessed that the small girl who looked so scared could say something against her.

"Who is he?" Chloe finally spoke up looking at Yong.

"My boyfriend!" She said smiling.

"Uh, nice." Chloe said sarcastically, "Didn't you say you were gay in highschool?"

"About that," Julia smiled, "Did you really think I was telling you the truth?'

"Can we please go?" Chloe looked at Beca, "This is the one reason I have trust issues."

Beca took Jenny, who she had totally forgotten about, and stood up. Chloe got up with her and took her hand.

As soon as they were far away Chloe looked at Beca.

"We didn't get anything to eat at the end!" She said smiling.

"We can just order something to our room." Beca said when they were walking up the stairs.

After a few hours of eating and trying to put Jenny to sleep, Beca and Chloe were finally left alone in their bed.

'Who was she, Chloe?" Beca asked quietly trying not to sound too rude.

"My ex." Chloe whispered back, "We dated in high school for a few months. It wasn't much. I didn't love her. I liked her. I was at least happy with her. We were both lesbians and not out of the closet. She was the only one I had told that to. So we were happy together and went on secret dates and everything. Until one day I find out that she has outed me to the whole school so now everyone knows my sexuality, which was something I wanted to hide. So after that I ended our relationships and everything was kinda okay because I avoided her. But bullying started happening on me. No one listened when I said that I am just as normal as everyone else in this room. Luckily highschool was over after a year."

"Wow," Beca sighed, "Why didn't you tell me that before?"

"I was trying to forget everything that happened that year. The only one who knew about it was Aubrey." Chloe said.

"Yeah," Beca whispered, "She looked like she found herself a boyfriend."

"Right. She lied to me. And I find out about it now. Why do people never tell me the truth?" Chloe sighed.

"I always tell you the truth, Chloe!" Beca kissed Chloe's cheek lightly.

"Yeah, thank you for that!" Chloe smiled and pressed closer into Beca's shoulder.

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