Chapter 3

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Chloe was ready to do it. It was just six months since the accident and she had arranged everything. She was already working from home and had for herself mentally ready. Now it was just the hardest part.

Chloe sat up and texted Aubrey.

Chloe: Ready to go?
Aubrey: yeah.

Chloe took her bag and documents and ran out of the house. She had agreed with Aubrey that she'll take Chloe to the orphanage.

She jumped into Bree's car and closed the door behind her.

"Excited?" Aubrey asked seeing Chloe's face.

"Really!" Chloe almost jumped up in the car.

Chloe was smiling the whole way there. She looked so happy and excited. They were there soon.

"So, ready to go?" Aubrey asked.

Chloe got out of the car and knocked on the door that was there, right in front of her. A young lady opened the door.

"Are you Chloe Beale?" She looked at both of them trying to figure out which one of them is Chloe.

"Yes, I am." Chloe said smiling all over her face.

"Come in!" The girl said.

They all walked in. The sight of a lot of kids playing in a room was not the happiest, however, she tried to keep a smile on her face. They walked around looking.

"So, are you planing on taking a small child?" The girl asked nicely.

"Yes, a baby!" Chloe said.

"Okay, so it will be a bit easier to choose!" She said, "Are you two together?"

No, I am adopting the kid alone. She's just here with me." Chloe smiled.

They walked through the room into another one where small babys were sleeping. She looked around. No one dragged her right to them. She just continued walking around the room. 

The doors opened and a really young girl walked in with a baby in her hands.

"Hey, Alex!" The other girl greeted.

"Do I put her somewhere here?" Alex asked pointing at her child.

"Yes, on that bed!" The girl said.

Alex walked over to a empty bed. She put the child in there and started crying. Chloe walked over to her.

" I just have to leave her because I can't take care of her and I am moving to Europe and I have a job there and no time." Alex cried into the baby's blanket.

Chloe looked into the baby's eyes. They were dark blue. Not the bright blue that kids are usually born with. It was dark and beautiful. Chloe smiled at them. They looked like Beca so much.

"I want her." Chloe said walking up to Aubrey.

"Why?" Aubrey asked, "Just so suddenly!"

"I know, but she has Beca's eyes." Chloe whispered walking over to the baby.

"Can I hold her?" Chloe asked Alex.

Alex picked her up and put her into Chloe's hands.

"What's her name?" Chloe asked looking into the baby's eyes.

"Jennifer Ware." Alex said looking down at her feet, "But if you are going to adopt her I really suggest you to change her last name. I don't want her going around with mine because I don't deserve it."

"Jennifer Beale." Aubrey said walking up to Chloe from behind, "Are you sure about her?"

"Yes!" Chloe said and they walked out of the room to sign the papers.

The rest of the day flew by with Chloe, Aubrey and Jen driving around to different places and signing different papers. It was not that easy.

It was already late and they were finally driving home. It was a two hour drive and Jennifer had already fallen asleep in her car seat.

"I can call her Jenny!" Chloe said to Aubrey trying hard not to make too much noise.

"That's really cute!" Aubrey smiled at Chloe. She could see that Chloe was the happiest person in the world. And that made Aubrey smile even more.

"Beca would be happy that you have moved and are finally smiling." Aubrey whispered as they stopped in front of Chloe's house.

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