Chapter 14

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It was 4 in the morning when Chloe's phone rang. She quickly got up filled with energy even when she had slept for only 3 hours. It was a bit harder with Beca. She was never in a good mood in a regular morning but this was worse.

"Beca!" Chloe was almost jumping on their bed of excitement. "You have to get up!! Please, Becs, we have to go soon!"

Beca got up hating the world. It was hard just to stand up.

"Can you go wake up Jenny while I get dressed?" Beca asked Chloe who had already thrown on some clothes.

"Sure." Was the last thing that Beca heard as Chloe had rushed out of the room.

Beca slowly got ready and decided to go to the kitchen because Chloe was not coming back.

Beca walked into the kitchen and saw Jenny sitting on Chloe's lap and helping her make sandwiches to take with them on the plane. Beca sat grumpily at the table across them.

"Can you please smile, Becs?" Chloe asked her smiling a bit, "It's no fun when you are not on a good mood."

Beca looked at her angrily, "It's no fun to wake up so early!"

They quickly got ready and called an taxi to bring them to the airport.

Jenny was left with her mouth open when she saw the planes. She was so excited that she started jumping around. 

"Mommy!" she ran to Beca, "When are we going on them? "

"We have to check in." Said Chloe walking up to them and taking jenny from becas hands.

They were at security getting their suitcases ready to get checked.

Chloe took out their passports and handed Jenny's to Beca. Beca, not thinking any of it, opened Jenny's passport. She looked at the name.

Jennifer Beca Beale

She was left with her mouth open.

"Chloe?" Beca asked looking at her, "Her second name."

"Oh, yeah, that! I gave her that name when you were in a coma. You know, she was my sunshine just like you were before." Chloe smiled, "And like you are now!" She added.

They went through the security and got everything done.

"We will go on the plane now?" Jenny asked excited as they walked through the last doors of the security.

"We have to wait, baby." Beca said looking at the screen where all the flights were shown.

"How long?"

"Um, a bit." Beca said smiling at Chloe. They could both see that the boarding will start after 2 hours.

Sitting in the waiting room was painful. For Jenny because she couldn't wait and for Chloe and Beca because they had to take Jenny's energy.

"I hope she falls asleep on the plane." Beca whispered to Chloe as soon as Jenny had ran away to look at a plane landing.

Chloe kissed Beca's nose and smiled.

"Hopefully. It will be a big fuss otherwise." Chloe said kissing Beca again.

Finally after two hours of pain they got on the plane. Jenny wanted to sit at the window and Chloe and Beca had nothing against sitting next to each other so everything worked out perfectly.

It was not perfect anymore when the plane started taking off. Jenny didn't like the pressure and Beca didn't seem to be taking it well either.

Chloe sat between them holding their hands. She was used to flying. Her family were traveling a lot when she was younger.

The flight was shaky but luckily Jenny fell asleep. Beca cuddled as close as possible to Chloe.

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