Chapter 2

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It had been already three months. Three months of Chloe suffering every time she opened her wallet to see the picture of her and Beca. She had changed so many thing is her life. Chloe changed her alarm and her eating habits because they remainded her too much of her.

It was a sunny Sunday and Aubrey had arrived to visit Chloe at her apartment. Chloe was very happy when Aubrey came because then she had someone to talk to. Aubrey was always happy to see Chloe but seeing Chloe sad made her sad too.

"Hey Bree?" Chloe called from her bedroom. She was the only one who called Aubrey Bree. Everyone else sometimes used Aubs. Maybe because Chloe and Aubrey had been friends for way longer than any of the girls.

"Yeah?" Aubrey smiled at her as Chloe walked into the living room holding two bowls of candy.

"What do you want to watch?" She asked sitting next to Aubrey and covering herself with the blanket.

"Something happy. You know, I want you to be happy." Aubrey replied to Chloe and smiled.

"I know you want me to be happy but I am not. I am alone and have no one." Chloe looked at her best friend with tears in her eyes. "I wish I wasn't alone like this."

"Then find someone, Chloe, move on. Fall in love again and don't limit yourself." Aubrey suggested.

"I can't," Chloe sighed, "And I don't want to. What if Beca wakes up? What if she comes to me and I am with someone else. Don't you think that would brake my heart and hers? I want to be with her. Not anyone else!"

Aubrey just looked down at her hands. There wasn't really anything she could tell Chloe. Aubrey had never been in her situation and couldn't imagine herself in it. She didn't want a relationship and kids. She liked living alone and Chloe visiting every week. The Bellas were her closest family. Especially Chloe.

"I know what I can do." Chloe said, "And I want to. I just don't know how to deal with it and it would require a lot of preparation." 

"What are you going to do?" Aubrey asked a bit afraid of the answer.

"Get a child. Then I won't be alone. And I would have someone to care about!" Chloe smiled at the idea.

"That is not that bad of an idea actually. Just you want to adopt a child or 'get' the kid?" Aubrey asked concerned.

Chloe had thought about this a lot. She wanted a child by herself but that would taka a lot. She knew she was alone and there wouldn't be anyone to help her get through nine months of pregnancy. So adoption was a good alternative. She knew she would adopt a baby so she could raise him herself. And Chloe know for sure she was going to do it. She just didn't know when.

"Adopt." Chloe said.

"Yeah, I see why. Are you planing on doing it soon? It would really make you happy Chloe. The way you're living now is not healthy for you. You know that."

"I don't know when. I will have to prepare and agree with my boss that I will work from home." Chloe sighed.

"I can help you with all of that. I will be there whenever you need me." Aubrey whispered as Chloe pressed closer to her into a hug.

"Thank you!" Chloe whispered. " That would really mean a lot to me."

"Would you be happy?" Aubrey asked taking hair off from Chloe's face.


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