Chapter 2: Bonding Moment

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Your POV:

The little get together was going well! Everyone was being so nice to me, even the strong looking guy was. What was is name again…. Oh yea Equius! Karkat was even surprised that he was because apparently he's only nice to Nepeta and no one else. Also when you told him that you used to ride horses that got him to start talking to me more…..and he was sweating less then before.

But enough about him now. Its time to try to get fish boy to like me now. I got up from the couch and started to walk to him until Sollux came up in front of me. "Hey (Name), tho how are you enjoying the little get together thing." "Oh its going just fine actually! I'm still surprised that everyone is getting along because I heard that some people don't like each other." Sollux laughed a little at that comment which confused me a little, but oh well. I walked by him until he grabbed my wrist which scared me a little. "Hey where are you going?" I turned to him and said, "To talk to Eridan. Why?" He looked at me surprised then he shook his head saying, "You thouldn't talk to that prick. He'th nothing but emotionth and an athth mutht of the time." "Why are all of you hating on him like what did he do to get hated so bad." I said raising my voice. "I'm jutht thaying you thouldn't put any effort on that guy… thereth no hope for him." That set me off when he said that. "There is always hope for someone! Don't say that there isn't any hope for someone!" I said almost shouting but good thing I can handle my voice real well. I pulled my wrist and left the shocked looking Gemini and went to talk to Eridan.

Eridan's POV:

I was sitting on Kar's stairs having no one to talk to because no one likes me at all. I guess Sol was right that I have no hope of finding someone to like me, fuck even Fef doesn't want to be my Morail anymore. I looked down at my rings and started playing with them until I heard a coughing sound that came right in front of me.

I looked up and it was the human girl standing in front of me. "Wwhat do you wwant. Can't you see I'm busy." I lied I wasn't actually busy I was just being sad a lonely. "I couldn't help but see that you were being lonely over here, so I thought you need some company!" she had an excited tone to her voice like she actually wanted to talk to me.

"Oh… ok then…" Damn it I studder! Then again all I heard from her was a giggle. It was a really cute one too. She sat down next to me and smiled. There was silence for about a good 5 minutes until she said something, "So Eridan, Karkat tells me that you used to live near the ocean back on your planet. Was it fun living there?" "Wwell it wwas at first until you get bored of it after a wwhile." she looked confused and said, "I love the ocean! I don't think I can never fall out of love with the salty sea air." I looked at her smiling a little. "Really?" "Yea! It has a better smell then here in town!" "Wwell maybe wwe can hang out at the beach near here sometime." I said looking at the steps.

"I would love that Eridan!" she said hugging me which surprised me a lot but I hugged her back. After that we talked about things we liked and what not, also getting a couple of stares because we were laughing a lot. I don't know, (Name) makes me feel all…. Ugggh whats the word…...... Hopeful! Yea she make me feel like that there is still hope inside of me to fine a good friend, and I think I just did fined that one good friend.


Hey guys! I'm back with another chapter for this book! I hope you like it and sorry that its so late . But hey I am probably going to make another chapter real soon to make up lost time!

Eridan: Wwell you should! the fans are mad that you didn't update really soon.

Writer: Eridan stop I said sorry gosh, just be happy that your back in action now.

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