Chapter 21

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The next morning comes in as the sun is shinning on the to lovely looking couple that soon need to tell each other how they feel. The sun comes through the window hitting the lovely face of your Prince of Hope and you are not effected by the rays of the sun because your face is buried into his chest. Let's get into the Princes prospective shall we?


I felt the sun hitting my face making me squint a little and open my eyes slowly and looked around. I noticed that I didn't have my glasses on but who would wear them to bed? I don't want them break so they are on the table.

I went to reach for it but felt something in front of me. Looking down I saw (Name) all cuddled up with me and sleeping. I started to blush and my fins fluttered lightly. I do need my glasses to see her or else I'm going to be blind and I don't want to be blind. I went to reach over I felt her grip around me get a little tighter.

I reach for my glasses more, keeping her close to me so she wouldn't fall. I was almost there to grab them but then I felt myself losing my balance and fell off the couch. I landed on the ground as she landed on top of me.


I looked up after rubbing the back of my head and saw her open her eyes slowly and looked around.

"How did we get on the ground?.."

"Whale um... I wwas tryin' to get my glasses and I lost my balance and noww wwe are dowwn here."

She looked at me and blinked slowly then just sat up on my lap.

"You tvwo seem to be havwin' fun in there.~"

We looked over and saw Cronus smirking and leaning against the door frame. I sat up quickly abd looked at him.

"Its not wwhat it looks like Cro!"

"Haha thats not vwhat your fins are sayin'."

I growled but my fins were fluttering fast. He continued to laugh and walked out. (Name) looked over at me and giggled lightly.

"No offence or anything but it's cute when your fins flutter like that."

I looked at her and she smiled making me blush and them flutter more. I looked to the side and coughed a little having to help her stand up.

"You should take a showwer.."

She tilted her head looking at me.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No. Wwe just havve wwork to do today."

"Oooooh, Ok! I'll take one now! Be right back!"

She then walked up the stairs and I heard the door closed. I sighed and went to the kitchen putting my glasses on.

"So vwhen you goin' to tell her chief?"

"Cro, I'll tell her wwhen I'm ready.... I havve today all planned out."

"Oh reelly? Vwhat you going to do?"

"Wwhale the turtle is ready to leavve and go back into the ocean right? So I thought maybe me and her can take it back to the beach and that's wwhen I tell her."

"Hmm so you tvwo vwould like havwe a little picnic there and vwatched the Turtle go out into the ocean?"

"Yeah that's on wway to put it.."

He smiled and whispered into my ear. It was something that I can not reveal yet till it happens.

I agreed to it and went upstairs to talk to Kanaya. I know she would help me out with something's. I finally got to my room and looked around. I saw that my bed was made and the seashore was leaning on the pillow.

Picking it up and looking at it. Smiling at it I started to have memories of when I played this it. Those were some fun times. I laid it back on the pillow and walked to my computer to contact Kanaya.

caligulasAquarium [CA] started trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

CA: kan? you there?
GA: Hello Eridan. Is There Something You Need?
CA: yes there is actually. wwould you mind taking (Name) out shopping for a little? i'm doin' somefin nice for her and wwas wwondering if you can get her somefin nice?
GA: Of Course! I Would Love To Help Out!
GA: I Will Be Over As Soon As I Finish With Karkats Sweater. So Many Holes In That Thing Its Impossible To Keep Fixing It.
CA: ok. anywway thanks kan. sea ya soon.

caligulasAquarium [CA] ceased trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

Now time to get things ready.

Hey guys! I would like to say thank you for reading this book. It's been a really great journey writing this and how much support you guys give me and all the nice comments I read when you like something in the chapter or over all! It puts tears in my eyes knowing I'm doing something right for once. And thank you all for this and for my other books as well. Well enough sappyness! Till next time! CHARLIE OUT!

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