Chapter 7: The Brother

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After calling my brother Cronus, me and (Name) sat on different sides of the turtle. All she did was stare at the poor thing and pet it gently. I can't believe this happened to her... This is why I hate mostly all land dwellers..... They always leave their god damn trash everywhere! "COD DAMN IT!" I punch the sand in anger.

"W-whats wrong!?" I looked at her and she looked scared. I didn't mean to scare her though. "Nothing.... Just a little pissed that's all...." I was looking at the ground at that moment and didn't realize that she got up and came over to where I was sitting.

"You can tell me Eridan I'll understand the best I could." I looked at her and sighed to myself. "I'm just mad at what happened to her..... She didn't deservve it..."


I look down at the turtle and frowned. Then I looked back at Eridan who had the look of mixture of hatred and sadness. I sat down next to him and gave him a hug. "Its ok Eridan.....she will get better." He looked at me with the corner of his eyes. I saw the tips of his ears turn to a shade of purple. Like a voilet color.

Then I looked up at his face and saw a light voilet blush on his face. I smiled at him but he quickly looked away. Then a cold ocean breeze came in and I started to shiver. I left my jacket in the car because I thought it wasn't going to get cold.

I hugged Eridan tighter and he looked at me but I didn't notice I was to focus on trying to stay warm. Then I felt something that was somewhat of a blanket to me. I looked to my side and saw his voilet cape around me. Then I felt his arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer. Blushing a little on my part but I smiled snuggled to his side starting to fall asleep.

"Vwell vwell vwell! Look at you tvwo lowve birds!~"


"Vwell vwell vwell! Look at you tvwo lowve birds!~" I heard the voice from behind me say. I know exactly who's voice that belongs to. Cronus....

I turned around and looked at him growling. "Wwe're not dating you ass.... She wwas cold so I'm being a friend and making her not die from hypothermia..." "Doesn't seem like it~" he smiled. I gave my brother an angry look still growling, but all he did was smirk. Then (Name) looked at me with sleepy eyes.

"Eridan who you talking to......" She turned around and looked at Cronus. "Hey doll." He smirked at her. "Eridan who's that and why does he look like the guy from Grease?" "Vwhat is Grease?" He said putting a toothpick in his mouth. "(Name) this is Cronus my brother and Cro its some movie that these human watch."

"Oh ok. Vwell I'm here, vwhats the problem." I looked straight in front of me and he looked up. "Shit! Ok I'll get my car and bring it here. You tvwo help me put it in the back and one of you has to  sit in the back with her." He said then ran off.


I looked at Eridan and he stood up and helped me up. The Greaser troll came back with his car and we got the turtle in the car. "Eridan sit in the back vwith the turtle ok." "Wwhy do I havve to?!" "Because I said so!" They both started to fight then.

"I have my car here. I can just follow you guys." They looked at me the Eridan said, "You shore?" I giggled at the fish pun he made and nodded heading to my car. I get in my car and could tell that they were still arguing about something but they finally left and I followed them to their house

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