Chapter 20

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"Wwhy must you pick on me! Wwhat did I evven do to havve this kind of torture!"

Sollux continued to laugh as he told (Name) some of the embarrassing things I did in my life. I heard her giggle and she tried her best not to laugh so hard at most of them.

We were in Sol's house because he invited us in. He also said he had some great news to tell us.

"Sol... You told us you had newws."

He looked up whipping the tears away from laughing to hard.

"O-oh yeah haha ii'm 2orry, but there ii2 2ome new2. Ye2terday KK came over and wa2 2eeiing how ii wa2 doiing after, well um everythiing... Umm.. II told hiim ii had a flush crush on you..."

Once I heard that I started clenching my hand into a fist. (Name) looked over and I tried to hide the fact that I was starting to get mad at what he said.

"But um ii heard other thiing2 and realiized that KK had one for me. II thought for a liittle when he told me and he 2tarted two ramble and ii made hiim 2hut up by kii22iing hiim and telliing hiim ii feel the 2ame two hiim."

(Name) started to smile big and basically hugged him to death. I smiled little and looked down at the floor. I wonder how I will tell (Name) how I feel.

"Eridan? Aren't you happy for him?"

I looked up and nodded my head.

"Yeah, I'm happy for you Sol. I hope you and Kar havve a great future for each other."

Sol nodded and stood up.

"Mituna! (Name) ii2 here! Come down!"

I tilted my head and saw the door that I'm guessing that's where Mituna's room was. He peeked out and smiled running down the steps and before he could get to her he tripped.

"Mituna! Oh dear you ok!?"

She got up and aid him on the floor. He lifted his head up and there was a scratch. Sol laughed lightly and stood up.

"Hey ED, can you help me wiith 2omethiing?"

I looked up and nodded following him to the kitchen. He grabbed some glasses pouring drinks in.

"2o are you and (Name) dating yet?"

I blushed looking at him.


"Oh my gog you diidn't even a2k her yet diid you!?"

I looked down and my fins started to flutter a little faster.

"Dude ED you have two tell her. 2he obviiou2ly ha2 the 2ame feeliing2 for you."

"You don't knoww that! She probably doesn't at all!"

He stared at me with a serious face like 'are you fucking kinding me right now'. I looked down and he spoke again.

"ED, for one 2he 2aved you ii2n't that mean anythiing two you?"

She did save me... And when I found her awake she was crying and holding the stuff seahorse.

"iif you want my opiiniion ii would try two tell her 2oon."

I nodded and we both walked out. Mituna had his head laying on (Name)'s legs and I could hear him purring. Sollux handed her some water and she thanked him. She then looked up at me patting a spot next to her.

"Come sit next to me."

I tried not to blush sat down next to her as she continued to pet Mituna's head. I'm sure he's liking it a lot.

A few hours went by and Cronus came to pick us up. He saw Mituna hiding from him and frowned lightly. They used to be best friends until something happened with Mituna and now he's always scared of Cronus.

We walked out and got into the car driving home. Once we got inside (Name) started to head to the couch with her stuff. I grabbed the handle of her bag and she stopped turning to me.

"Eridan what are you doing?"

"Your not sleepin' on the couch. You are stayin' in my room."

"Eridan I can't take you-"

"You are. You havve no choice in the matter."

She rolled her eyes and giggled lightly nodding.

"Fine I'll have your room then."

I nodded and took her stuff upstairs setting it down in my room as she followed and sat on my bed. I told her good night and left the room closing the door but leaving it cracked a little. Walking down the stairs Cronus was waiting for me.

"Is she ok?"

"Yeah she wwanted to sleep on the couch but I told her she's stayin' in my room."

He chuckled softly.

"Vwell that's one vway to get a girl in your bed haha."

I blushed deeply and once again my fins fluttered but faster then before.

"That's not wwhat I meant Cro!"

He laughed more putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Chief calm dovwn. I vwas just jokin' around. Go get some sleep."

And with that he walked up the stairs to his room. I sighed and went to the couch laying down. I looked up at the celling and was thinking about how to tell her. I don't want it to be so sudden, I mean she's finally in a bed and not in those hospital ones. Turning to my side I agreed to think more about it tomorrow, right now in need sleep.


'Can't sleep...'

I'm laying on Eridan's bed because he told me that I should have his bed so I took it. I'm trying so hard to sleep having the stuff seahorse close to me but I don't want that nightmare to happen again.. When I fall asleep I keep seeing everything that happened on the day Sollux and Eridan were fighting. The thing was though, was that I didn't save Eridan. When I was in the coma that nightmare was on repeat the whole time and I would cry over and over again. I don't want to sleep. I don't want that nightmare.

I slowly sat up and got out of bed. Opening the door slowly because its like 2:30 in the morning and I feel like Cronus would be cranky if I woke him up. As I opened it I slipped through the door and quietly went downstairs.

Peeking from the corner I saw Eridan on the couch sleeping. It looked like he was using his cape as a blanket. That cape is pretty big after all. I slowly walked in and walked over to him.


I whispered lightly and he didn't wake up. So I poked him.


I heard him mumble but couldn't make out what he said so I shook him lightly.


He slowly opened his eyes and saw me rubbing his eyes.

"(Name)? Wwhat are you doin' dowwn here?.."

"I can't sleep... Can I stay down here with you?"

His eyes widened a little but nodded and opened his cape up letting me get under it. Once I did he closed his cape having his arms around me having me blush lightly.

I felt him nuzzle his cheek on top of my head having me blush more. I slowly wrapped my arms around him and snuggled my face into his and closed my eyes slowly.

"Night Eridan."

I quietly said and fell right to sleep.


Yaaaay!!! Finally an update!!! Sorry it took so long. But hey this is a good part before 4/13! Am I right?! Well I really hope you enjoy this chapter! Till next time! CHARLIE OUT!

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