Chapter 15: The Scares That War Brings

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"Help! Someone! Let me out!"

I kept hitting the door as hard as I could and tried to kick it down too. With one more hit I fell to the ground with my back turned to the door.

"You stupid idiot.... Why did you lock me in here.... I could have helped you.... I could have done something to stop this..."

I was on the verge of tears at this point. I had no idea how to get out and I don't want to hurt myself from falling out the window. But that's when I heard a door open on the other side.

"Hello! Someone out there! Cronus!"

"9h dear! Cr9nus s9me9ne is calling y9u f9r Eridan's r99m!"

That's when the door unlocked and I saw Kankri standing in front of me. I met Kankri the same day I met Karkat but that's a whole different story. Anyway I ran to him and hugged him not caring how triggering it was to him.

"Kankri! Thank God you unlocked the door!"

"(Name) vwhy the hell vwere you locked in there!? Vwheres Eridan!?"

I looked at Cronus.

"Him and Sollux are going to have a fight and I need to go now! I need to stop this!"

With that I dashed out and ran looking at every place they could be at. But that's when I heard explosions. Looking up at the sky I saw balls of red, white, and blue coming from the beach. I started to run faster now only taking me a good 10 minutes to get there, but once I did I saw something tragic there that I wish it never would have had come too.

The battle (an hour earlier):


Sollux yelled looking around after a big ball of light almost hit him. Sollux looked under the board walk and Eridan wasn't there. Only one place Sollux would know and its that Eridan would hide in the sea.

Sollux flow over the ocean looking around to see anything that wasn't supposed to be there. Eridan on the other hand tried his best to stay out of site. He knew Sollux would find him in the ocean but Eridan was waiting for the right moment to get out and grab him.

Sollux started to slowly but closely float over the water. He looked side to side and couldn't see him. A little longer though he saw a piece of clothes. It looked more on the lines of a scarf. Sollux looked down closer and that's when Eridan grabbed him and pulled him down into the water.

As Eridan got him into the water he started to pull Sollux down more and tried to drown him. Sollux though struggles in trying to breath while he was being strangled by Eridan. Sollux's eyes started to spark and he shot his psionics at Eridan. Eridan let go quickly and dodged it nearly missing him.

Sollux grabbed Eridan by his sweater and pulled him out of the water and flow to the sky. Sollux growled at him. Sollux pulled his arm back and saw Eridan put his hands up knowing he was ready to get punched. With doing so Sollux did punch him hard in the face sending Eridan down to the ground hard.

As Eridan it the ground hard he also slid through the sand too, he then stopped sliding and there was a big dust ball surrounding him. He could see Sollux still because of his eyes glowing red and blue through the dust. As the dust cleared up Sollux looked down and saw Eridan. What he then saw was that Eridan getting up but was swaying a little trying to stand up. Eridan then grabbed his wand and it started to glow white. He points it at Sollux and fires at him hitting him dead on in the chest causing him to fall from the sky an land on the ground. Once again a big dust of sand flying everywhere.

Eridan walked over a little and stumbled somewhat. he had his wand up just in case and pointed at places Sollux could be. Sollux used his Psionics and his power surrounded Eridan. Sollux and cuts on his body and face. His mouth was bleeding his blood color, a mustered kind of blood, and the few cuts he had too.

He stood up and gave a light chuckled and his eyes sparked holding Eridan up.

"Why don't you ju2t giive up ED... iim a lot 2tronger ever 2iince we  fought the la2t tiime... 2o how2 about you ju2t admiit defect and ii claiim the giirl..."

Eridan growled and spit some of his blood at him hitting his face. Sollux growled and his eyes sparked more.

"You wwill nevver havve her... Not wwhen I'm alivve you asshole..."

Sollux became furious and lifted him in the air and slammed him down to the sand hard.


Sollux continued to slam Eridan down and brought him back up and just to slam him to the sand again. Eridan started to groan in pain and Sollux felt a liquid coming out from his eyes. He knew what it was... It was blood

'2hiit iim u2iing two much of my power ii need two end thii2 now'

Sollux then throw Eridan across the beach and started to charge up.

"Have fun iin the dream bubble land ED..."

With that Sollux fired and his psionics charging to hit Eridan that was wake still and curled into a ball to protect himself even though he know he was going to die.


Wait what!

Eridan's POV:

I opened my eye and saw that I was still breathing. I looked around and saw Sollux looking in a different direction and was on his knees. I looked and my eyes widened. I crawled to the body and lifted the young female body. Moving her hair back my eyes widened more and tears started to come down.

"Howw could you! You shot (name)! You monster!"

I cried out at Sollux and looked down at her crying more and held her close to my body not knowing what to do.


Sorry this took so long. I wanted to work on the battle seen really badly so I took my time on that. Don't worry there is more. Till next time, CHARLIE OUT!

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