Chapter 18

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We got to the car, Eridan and I sat in the back but he sat in the middle seat and I sat near the window. Cronus looked back and smiled at us. He then turned the car on and started to drive.

"So vwhat do you kiddos vwant to eat vwhen vwe get home?"

"Hmm well I want some eggs and bacon. I haven't had a great breakfast in a while!"

He chuckled and nodded.

"Vwell you must be hungry then doll, but don't vworry I'll make it. Vwhat about you Eridan?"

He sat there and thought for a second but shook his head no.

"Na Cro I'm fin. I'm not hungry right noww."

Cronus sighed a little and nodded stopping at a red light. I looked out the window and saw we were closed to Sollux's house.

"Um Cronus, before we go home can we stop at Mituna's house?"

He looked up with his eyes somewhat widen and Eridan looked at me shocked.

"You shore you vwant to go there? Like I don't mind droppin' you off there but that's up to you doll."

I nodded and looked at Eridan.

"I want you to come to, please."

He looked down and sighed knowing he had to come.

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