Author Note

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Hey everyone! I would just like to say that this book is coming to an end. I do have this book planed out though. But its going to probably be like more chapters long. I can see that in my last chapter you guys are hating on Sollux a lot more, and I would like to say is that please don't actually hate him because of the last chapter. I hardly see and erisol kismesis moments in books so I put one in this book.

Anyway the next one should be coming soon I'm writing more for Dirk and Jake because that needs to be updated badly and my other Fanfic and Homestuck x Reader book. Your going to love the chapter for the Homestuck x Reader one though! But anyway I wanted to update on all of you and hope your not mad at me on what's going to happen later on in this book and all the other books too! That's all I have to say so CHARLIE OUT!

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