Chapter 5: Let's Meet Up

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Eridan's POV:

So it been like a week since the meet up and I can't get her out of my head now. "Gog damn it wwhy did you havve to talk to me." I said to myself. I'm in the kitchen with my head down and my fist hitting my head. I haven't talked to her since she gave me her chumhandle.

I don't know what to do. What do I say to her when I do troll her. Uuuuggggghhhh what do I do! Then I heard a ding from my husktop. "Please don't be wwho I think it is, please don't be wwho I think it is!" I looked at who. "Cod damn it, it is!"

Chumhandle [CH] started pestering caligulasAquarium [CA]

CH: Hey Eridan!

CA: umm hey (Name)

CA: howw did you my trollian name

CH: Oh yea Sollux gave it to me because I forgot to ask you for yours a week ago!

CA: oh ok then wwell is there somefin you needed

CH: No I just thought we could hang out today

CH: If thats ok with you that is

Oh glub oh glub oh glub! She wants to hang out with me! What should I say! Well I feel bad for not talking to her for the whole I should at least make it up to her.

CH: Eridan?

CA: sorry go distracted but yes I wwould lovve to hang out wwith you

CH: That fantastic! Meet me at the boardwalk in 10 minutes!

Chumhandle [CH] ceased pestering caligulasAquarium [CA]

Well that was a quick chat. I better get ready to leave then. I went downstairs and grabbed my cape and left.

Since I live close to the boardwalk it was a short walk there. It was a nice sunny day out and the waves were great for surfing a stuff. I don't surf though that's more for the lowbloods to do. Anyway I got to the board walk and waited for (Name). "Cod wwhat is taking her so long. Howw far does she livve from the beach anywway." I crossed my arms and sat on the bench waiting for her to come.

Your POV:

I'm driving down to the boardwalk to meet up with Eridan because I wanted to hang out with him. I'm kinda surprised that he never talked to me over a week, but good thing I did contact him! Anyway I finally made it to the beach and started walking on the boardwalk!

I was walking around looking for him. It took me a while but I found him sitting on the bench playing with his rings again. I thought to myself that I should go behind him and scare him. So I did that, and when I was close enough I yelled out a great big, "HI ERIDAN!"

He jumped right off the bench and fell to the ground! I was laughing my ass off when I saw the look on his face! "GOG DAMN IT (Name)! YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!" he yelled back. "Hehehe sorry Eri I thought it would be funny to do that. Here let me help you up." I put my hand out and helped him get up and get sand off of him. I looked up at him more and realized in my head that he looked really adorable with those glasses.

"Umm hello! Earth to (Name)! Are you there!" He said waving his hand in front of me. "Hmm... What.... Oh yeah sorry! Well should we get going?" "Wwhere are wwe going exactly?" True where are we going? Oh we can just walk along the beach! I told him what we are going to do and off we went!


Yaaaaaay! I finally updated this book! I'm sorry for taking so long I had to think on where I wanted to go with this and I got the idea now! I hope you like this new chapter and can't wait for more to come

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