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It was late at night when Seokjin finally came stumbling back into their shared apartment. He was wearing a smile along with his café attire and looked tired and worn as he basically barreled through the front door and into the living room where he found Hoseok knitting some gloves.

"He came back, Hoseok!" Seokjin voice screamed exhaustion but his face screamed happiness.

Hoseok abruptly put his knitting needles and yarn down, "Who?"

"That man! The man with such a gorgeous voice." Seokjin stumbled his way over to the couch beside Hoseok, plopping down and sighing rather dramatically.

Hoseok lit up as well. Seokjin had been talking about his mystery man every time they had any kind of conversation. He needed some juicy details now that Seokjin had met him again, "What's his name?"

Seokjin pouted, "I still don't know. I know his last name is Kim but another customer interrupted before he could tell me and I had to go deal with a child who knocked over, like, five cups of water onto the floor." he ignored Hoseok's knitting and pushed the craft away from Hoseok, instead putting his head on the younger's lap and giving a satisfied hum. Hoseok let him and threw his knitting needles as softly as he could to the floor to make room for his hyung.

"Why didn't you go back and find out?" Hoseok busied himself with playing with Seokjin's luscious hair. He was always envious of how perfect and thick the older man's hair was. He just never said so.

Seokjin gave another overly dramatic sigh, "I tried. He was gone before I could!"

"Maybe you'll see him again. He must want to talk to you," Hoseok tried. He smiled as Seokjin was already falling asleep on his lap. His hyung muttered out a quick, "Maybe you're right..." in agreement before he was out like a light. Hoseok sighed, scooching out from under his hyung and fetching a pillow and blankets for the man so he would be comfortable on the couch through the night. Once he had Seokjin tucked away nice and snug, he settled into his own bed to doze away the night.

Morning found Hoseok bright and early, bounding out of bed and making his way quickly into the kitchen. He knew his hyungs were both exhausted from long days at work and he was thrilled to do something nice for them. For the most part, Seokjin would arise from sleep before Hoseok and Yoongi to make breakfast and have it ready by the time they woke up so it was nice and hot. Today, Hoseok was going to do that. Seokjin hadn't put an alarm on and so he was still snoozing on the couch. Hoseok had a good view of him from the kitchen and was thankful that he was a relatively deep sleeper so he could make a bit of noise and it wouldn't bother him. He set about his work, humming quietly to himself and enjoying the smell of frying food and baking bread.

Hoseok almost screamed when Seokjin stumbled into the kitchen, looking over his shoulder and nodding in contentment as he noticed Hoseok had things well underway. He fluffed his hair up slightly, till groggy from just waking up. He had taken his shirt off sometime in the middle of the night and decided to just sit at the breakfast table with one of his blankets around his shoulders.

"Go get dressed." Hoseok shooed his hyung but Seokjin didn't move. He only yawned.

"I don't wanna..." he pouted.

Hoseok turned to look at the sleepy man. He was leaning against his seat, head bobbing as he nodded off while sitting upright. "Go get dressed or no food."

Seokjin's eyes snapped open. Food was a crucial part to his wellbeing and happiness. No food meant a terrible day. However as he looked at Hoseok with a flower apron tied around his waist, a hand on his hip and a spatula pointing at Seokjin threateningly, he couldn't help but giggle as he rushed to go get dressed.

Yoongi wandered into the kitchen just as Seokjin was rushing out. He frowned at the way the older man almost ran into him on his rush to get out of the kitchen. However, even Yoongi cracked a smile as he saw Hoseok looking like an American 1950s housewife.

Hoseok beamed as Yoongi walked in.

"It's practice day today! The competition is in one week! Are you ready?"


It's about to go down, ladies -Yoongi will be meeting Jimin within the next one or two chapters!!

I'm sorry for not updating last sunday!! I'm a terrible author :(:(

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