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"Welcome back to the stage, Agust D." CL was staring straight at Yoongi, her eyeliner heavy and curved upwards in a sort of winged eye to accentuate her features. There were bright lights surrounding the three judges as they sat at their panel. CL was in the middle, her smile bright as always and fairly polite as she looked on at Yoongi; then G Dragon on the right, his own hair dyed a fresh red color that matched almost perfectly with the sparkling suit he was wearing; and finally Park Jimin on the left, his own makeup rivaling CL's as his eyes pierced through the stage lights and seemingly straight into Yoongi's soul. The man gulped taking in the physical beauty of the three before him and once again being totally floored by just how flawless they all were.

Yoongi bowed and muttered a soft, "Thank you," into his microphone.

"What will you be performing for us today?" G Dragon would be lying if he said he wasn't interested. He was already leaning forward in his seat. Out of all the contestant Min Yoongi had certainly been the one to stick out the most simply because of his rapping. They had so few rappers in the competition and Yoongi was certainly at the top of that division. His only serious competition was a few of the singers and even then, he most certainly had G Dragon's vote. The judge was only a little disappointed he wasn't the one who could pick the winner, "Will it be another original?"

Yoongi took a deep breath and gulped, trying his best not to seem nervous, "Yes, it is."

Jimin's melodious voice drifted through his own microphone. He, too, was leaning forward and staring at Yoongi, his lips quirked upwards in a small smile, "Good luck, Agust D."

The music started and Yoongi let himself be carried away by the thumping of the bass and the words that flowed from his tongue. This was what he lived for. This was what he did best. When the music started it was always as if the stadium and stage all melted away into nothing, leaving Yoongi alone with only his words and the beat of the song. He could distantly hear the crowd screaming, some yelling his stage name as he continued yet he didn't really pay attention to them. His focus was on his rap – his melody and his rhymes.

Yoongi let himself look up only once to the judges' panel. He saw CL and G Dragon nodding along to his beat but Jimin – Jimin was leaning forward, stock still, lips pursed and tilted upwards as his dark eyes followed Yoongi's own lips. He tilted his head, leaned back in his chair and smirked when Yoongi shouted, "G-Give it to me!" It was enough for Yoongi to almost stumble over his words, his cheeks heating in a faint blush that he prayed no one could see. He didn't need to be distracted when he was so close to the one and only Park Jimin. He had to make a good impression.

He had to win.

Before Yoongi knew it, his song was over. It left him with the music fading out, a ragged giggle escaping his lips as he let himself suck in deep breaths. His chest was heaving and he knew he was sweating profusely. He could feel his bangs sticking to his forehead and absentmindedly pushed the hair back from his face. He heard the crowd cheer even louder at that, some of them screaming at him for him to keep his hair back like that. He grinned, flattered and a bit embarrassed. He could almost feel the beads dripping down his face, the lights of the stage shining down on him far too hot for comfort. And yet he wouldn't change a thing. He felt as though he had done well. He looked out on the crowd and judges and noticed he was currently receiving a standing ovation, the crowd beginning to chant his name along with, "Put him through!"

Once the people quieted down a little, G Dragon remained standing even after everyone else had seated themselves once more. He grinned, looking at Yoongi with respect, "That~" he pointed to Yoongi, "Was a rap."

The crowd cheered again only to be hushed as CL began speaking.

"Agust D, you have most certainly proved yourself once again." she tilted her head, "I would have liked to have seen a bit more personality and perhaps a more controlled rap~"

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