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Yoongi could barely keep his mind on his performance. He was dressed up in an outfit Seokjin had surprised him with just before he was supposed to go onstage. Yoongi was honestly about to step out wearing back skinny jeans and a plain white T shirt but Seokjin stopped him just in time. The older man saw that Yoongi was struggling but chalked it up to nerves. He would find out tonight if he made it to the semi-semifinal and that would be enough to make anyone shaky. With a pat on the back and an encouraging smile, Seokjin practically pushed Yoongi out from the wings of the stage and into the spotlight.

Yoongi wanted to curse Seokjin. He hadn't been expecting the push and he almost tripped in front of all of South Korea but he was quick to regain his footing. Besides, Seokjin had done him a big favor by bringing him clothes. It wouldn't so for Yoongi to go back and yell at him after Seokjin had spent his own time and money on Yoongi. If anything, the younger decided, he should be grateful.

When Yoongi stepped out on stage the entire world melted away. All he could see was Park Jimin. The crowd faded out and so did their screams. There was only Jimin and his needless smirk playing gently on his flawless features. Yoongi wanted to run, get away from that stare that was boring into his own eyes but at the same time he wanted to go closer, to be surrounded by Jimin's dangerous aura and simply be near the man.

Yoongi was pulled out of his trance by CL.

"Hello, Mr. Min!" she shouted and the crowd shouted after her, screaming Yoongi's stage name and waving homemade signs at him. Yoongi's eyes were taken from Jimin's presence and wandered about the stadium, taking in the colorful signs that said things such as "good luck" and even "I <3 Min Yoongi".

It was clear Yoongi had the favoritism with two of the three judges. The other contestants hated him for it, complimenting him in front of the camera and then trashing him behind his back. There was no denying Yoongi's talent and as more and more rumors spread, the more Yoongi realized that. He had been a barista in a coffee shop for three years; writing lyrics and rapping underground since he was fifteen... and now Yoongi finally was allowed to see all of his hard work brought to fruition.

Yoongi finally knew not only was he good enough but he was one hell of a rapper.

He just needed to sway CL so he could win. If Yoongi had the favoritism of all three judges there would be no stopping him.

But right now, he just needed to focus on making it to the semi finals after tonight and then the finals the week after that.

In Yoongi's opinion his rap was over as soon as it had even started. He had been given a curt nod from CL and told to go on with his performance. And Yoongi had been confident. He only hoped it showed. He put his body and soul into every single word he rapped. Every single sentence was an extension on himself, a story he was allowed to tell the crowd below. He could see the fire in their eyes as he went along... he could see the smiles and hear the cheering and it was everything he wanted and everything he thought it would be.

But in the blink of an eye it was over and Yoongi was left standing breathless and sweating on a stage, lit by high beams and basking in the joy and screaming of the audience around him. And yet his eyes drifted steadily until they rested on one person.

Park Jimin.

Everyone was screaming and clapping – Yoongi had been given a standing ovation. Even CL had found it within herself to cheer for him and stand with a grin on her face. And yet Jimin remained seated. The man wasn't even clapping. He was simply sitting there, the same smirk that had decorated his plush lips still present as always. Yoongi's confidence took an immediate plummet. All of this time he had the backing of his idol. He loved Park Jimin and his music and his face and –

Long story short, Yoongi loved Jimin.

It was crushing for the one person he needed approval from to give him no kind of feedback whatsoever. But Yoongi sucked it up and stood tall and proud, trying to give off his best smile for the crowd while knowing he was failing miserably.

"Mr. Min," CL waved a hand at the audience to try and have them control their cheering. If anything, the people got even louder, yelling at CL to let Yoongi go to the semi-finals.

G Dragon was standing as well, yelling with the crowd at CL to give Yoongi a yes and to put him through to the next round.

"I think we should vote!" Jimin yelled out. Only then did the crowd begin to settle. Jimin straightened himself, the smirk he had finally leaving his face and turning into a more sober frown, "G Dragon?"

G Dragon was grinning and clapping, enthused, "You know it's a yes from me!" he paused for a moment, "I do think you need to work on pacing yourself, though. You're an amazing rapper and you're quick but I feel as though you kept running out of breath during this performance."

Jimin looked at his watch, "CL?"

The woman at the table smiled. It was polite but not nearly as excited as G Dragon's. It was evident that the senior rapper not only wanted Yoongi to win but to also join the company he worked for.

"Your performance was strong tonight, Mr. Min. I think you took the last round's criticism and improved yourself for this performance. I agree with G Dragon, you did get a little out of breath but otherwise you've done just as well or better than a lot of the singers we've had on tonight."

Yoongi's heart soared. This is what he needed. He just needed her to say yes. Was he actually gaining the favoritism of all three judges?

"So tonight, I'm afraid I have to say..." CL paused and Yoongi felt his heart drop back into his stomach. His eyebrows were raised and he was expectant of another no. He needed to understand he couldn't win this and he needed to stop getting his hopes up. His fingers were gripping his microphone tightly, his knuckles turning white with the pressure, "I have to say yes tonight!"

That left it down to Jimin. Of course, Yoongi already had two yeses. He didn't necessarily need Jimin's vote at all. He was already outnumbered. But Yoongi wanted it. No – he needed it. He needed Jimin's approval so badly. He wasn't sure what he'd do with himself if Jimin said no. But why was he playing this game? Jimin's behavior had changed completely after giving Yoongi his number and inviting him to dinner.

"Min Yoongi..." Jimin's sultry voice was picked up by his own microphone clipped to his sweater, "You already have two yeses for tonight – "

"Exactly. So, give him a third!" G Dragon urged.

Jimin cut his eyes over to his senior, not in an unkind way, but perhaps more in a way that showed his irritation in being cut off.

"If I gave you a yes would you show me that tongue technology of yours?" the smirk was back and the crowd absolutely screamed.



Something short and hopefully you guys enjoy

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