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Jimin played with the pen in his hands. It had been a long day and he was finally back at his hotel room. He liked being able to simply relax and normally after a long day of working he would simply take a shower or work out some before going to bed. Tonight was different, though. His mind was racing tonight with thoughts of a certain someone.

Min Yoongi hadn't said so but he had sung an original song. Jimin only found out later when he was handed the notes for the people who made it through the first round. He had immediately dumped the others, going straight to Yoongi's profile paper and reading through the information. He had been quite pleased that there was a phone number on the paper and had half a mind to text or call the pale rapper just to touch base and see how interesting he could be.

Of course, there would be time later. Jimin already knew even if Yoongi didn't win the competition not only would G dragon be giving him a call to offer a collaboration, Jimin himself would personally see to it that Yoongi's name was known and if he could, work with him as well. Jimin knew G Dragon was quite serious about his offer – he never made empty promises or anything of the such and if he was interested in Yoongi from just the rap aspect... Min Yoongi could be an undiscovered gold mine of talent.

The crowd had certainly loved him...

"Holy shit – you actually did it!" Seokjin was literally jumping up and down when Yoongi returned home for the night. It was almost two in the morning but he had stayed up ever since Hoseok had texted him saying there was good news and that Yoongi passed the first round.

"Yeah!" Yoongi broke out in a gummy smile, accepting a bear hug from Seokjin, "Now only two more rounds to go and then the three finals."

"Hyung is famous!" Hoseok shouted, still on an excitement buzz from earlier. He had been talking all of his friends' ears off after Yoongi had passed. Yoongi himself had been talking nonstop about Park Jimin and how amazing it had been to see him up close. And of course Seokjin just had to ask about Yoongi's idol.

"Was Jimin as good as you imagined he'd be?"

Yoongi couldn't even find it in himself to be tired after such a long, nerve wracking day when Seokjin asked about Jimin and immediately launched into a long explanation of just how drop dead gorgeous Park Jimin was in person, "And oh my god, hyung – his voice!" he sighed happily, "He has the voice of a literal angel and he wasn't even singing. Hyung, he said he wanted my tongue technology."

Seokjin's nose wrinkled at that, "What?"

"It was part of Yoongi hyung's rap!" Hoseok interjected, still bouncing slightly in place. Hoseok then changed the direction of the conversation, slightly pushing Yoongi in the direction of his bedroom to try and let him know to go to sleep. Yoongi did so without grumbling or snapping. He was slowly beginning to feel like lead, his bones and mind tired from the long day he had had and knowing he had to be up and back at it the day after tomorrow as well. Hoseok watched Yoongi disappear and shut his door before turning back to Seokjin, "Did you call him?"

Seokjin's smile vanished. He began playing with his fingers and frowned, "I tried, yeah. I left a voicemail and a few texts." He huffed, "God, I bet I sounded so desperate!"

Hoseok frowned as well. He didn't like seeing his hyung so distraught, "Maybe he was busy today, hyung."

Seokjin nodded, "Yeah. Maybe so."

"Hey," Hoseok settled both of his hands on Seokjin's shoulders, "You're amazing. Anyone would want to date you. I bet he was just really busy and couldn't call back."

Seokjin offered up a small smile before yawning, "I guess you're right. I'll see if Taehyung calls back tomorrow. If not I guess I know where I stand with him..."


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