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"Hey Jin hyung!' Hoseok greeted as the older walked through the door. He knew it had been a long say for Seokjin. It was close to midnight. He had waited up to make sure he had gotten home alright as he didn't seem to be answering his phone.

"Hey Hoseokie," Seokjin mumbled back in greeting. He shuffled, taking his shoes off before collapsing beside Hoseok on their couch.

"Why are you home so late? I tried to call you!" Hoseok nudged Seokjin with his elbow, listening to the low, exhausted groan he received in reply.

"I had to close up the café but a man came in right before closing time and asked for a drink." A lazy smiled crossed his features as he shifted a bit, leaning his head against Hoseok's shoulder, "I almost made him leave but he was so charming and handsome I couldn't."

"Ooo!" Hoseok squealed, "He?" he chuckled, "It's been awhile since you've gone for a guy."

"I've never seen anyone more beautiful, Hoseok. Male or female. And his voice!" Seokjin's eyes shut at the memory – and perhaps from exhaustion, "His voice was so deep."

"So what's his name?" Hoseok probed, poking his hyung's shoulder softly in excitement. Hoseok loved love and he especially loved it when his friends found a potential partner.

Jin's face scrunched up, "I don't know... he never said." A frown crawled onto his face and he huffed.

"Does he know your name?" Hoseok asked.

Seokjin nodded sleepily, "I introduced myself..." the smile came back, "He said I had a pretty name. We talked for a long time, Hoseokie. And sorry for not returning your calls," he shifted again, eyes opening to meet Hoseok's, "My phone died."

Hoseok chuckled, "It's ok, hyung. I need your help, though."

"Oh?" Seokjin was nodding off once more. This fact wasn't lost on Hoseok. The younger laughed briefly, hauling his hyung to his feet and gently leading him to his bedroom. Seokjin fell onto his bed with a relaxed sigh, happy to be on his bed.

"Get changed, hyung. You can't sleep in your bed in those clothes." Hoseok ordered.

Seokjin whined, "I'm tired, Seokie!"

"Change now or I'll undress you myself," Hoseok put his hands on his hips, taking on Seokjin's usual motherly role.

Seokjin whined again but picked himself up, sifting through his cabinet drawers before finding pajamas. Hoseok left him to change, closing the door softly behind him. What he had to say to Seokjin could wait until morning.

Hoseok was up bright and early. He made breakfast. Normally, Seokjin would make breakfast but he knew the older would be tired this morning. Once he set it out on the table, he shook Seokjin awake, making sure he followed him into the kitchen. It had taken a few minutes to wake Yoongi up and it involved a lot of cursing and threats but the promise of food was somehow more favored than sleep and he finally tore himself from his warm covers.

Yoongi didn't stay long. He ate his fill before muttering something about errands and leaving. Seokjin and Hoseok were left at the table by themselves. Seokjin was munching thoughtfully on a piece of toast, his eyes wandering the room as he tried to wake himself up.

"So, hyung, I need your help!" Hoseok was quite happy Yoongi had left. He had some work to do.

Seokjin's eyes slowly shifted to Hoseok's. He swallowed his toast, "With what?"

Hoseok grinned, excited, "I told you last night I needed to talk to you, remember?"

Seokjin shook his head, taking another bite of his toasts before stuffing it into his cheek so he could speak around the food, "No. I don't remember much of anything once I left for the night."

Hoseok tsked but let it go, "What do you think about Yoongi rapping?"

Jin shrugged, "I've only heard him a few times but he's good. Why?"

Hoseok beamed, "You heard about the competition here in Seoul, right? For the singers?"

Seokjin sipped at his orange juice and nodded, "Sure I've seen a billboard for it."

"Let's enter Yoongi!" Hoseok almost jumped up from his seat. He knew Yoongi wouldn't do it on his own but he might just do it if he was already entered.

Seokjin almost choked on his juice, "What?"

"Let's enter Yoongi's name! Hyung, you and I both know he could win." Hoseok rolled his eyes, "Besides Park Jimin is a judge. Yoongi would die to even see him in person!"

"What did Yoongi say about it?"

"That's he'd think about it." Hoseok made air quotes around the word think.

I don't know, Hoseok. He wouldn't ever enter himself into a competition like that...." Seokjin pushed his plate back a little, done with his breakfast.

"Which is why we should do it for him!" Hoseok countered.

All Seokjin could do was shrug, "I'm not paying for the entry fee but I'll help you try to convince him."

Hoseok jumped up from his chair in pure joy, sending the seat falling backwards onto the floor. Hoseok couldn't even care. He was far too excited. He was going to be able to share Yoongi's talent with all of Seoul.

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