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Yoongi had gotten his third yes after nodding vehemently to Jimin's question. He had run off stage only to be engulfed into a bear hug from none other than his sweet Hoseok. Hoseok had been at every practice and every performance, cheering Yoongi on and tweaking little things here and there. It was because for Hoseok that Yoongi was even on stage making his dreams come true.

Yoongi owed so much to Hoseok.

Yoongi let himself be hugged. He wasn't much of a hugger but he could feel Hoseok shaking with excitement and tears of happiness and there was nothing he could do but stand there and simply accept the abundant affection being given to him. Yoongi loved Hoseok so much and the younger loved Yoongi as well. They were like brothers but perhaps something more – something closer than even brothers could be.

"I'm so proud of you, hyungie!" Hoseok's high pitched voice was muffled by tears and the fact he had buried his face into Yoongi's chest. Yoongi gave a gummy grin, even if Hoseok couldn't see it. Before either of them knew it there was a camera going around them, showing their little moment to the audience outside the wings and the whole world. Yoongi wasn't a fan of that and immediately frowned when a camera was quite nearly shoved in his face, even if he could hear the roar of applause and screaming from the people as they watched him on the screen in the stadium.

Yoongi finally pulled away, miffed that he had been interrupted just enjoying his little victory moment with the one who made it all happen. Before anyone could ask Yoongi or Hoseok any questions, Seokjin had materialized from seemingly nowhere and was pulling both of them away.

"We have to celebrate, hyung!" Hoseok was still bouncing off the walls even as Seokjin came and tugged him away with Yoongi following after.

"Yes!" Seokjin immediately agreed, "But tomorrow!"

Hoseok's bright smile fell a little bit, "What? Why tomorrow?"

"Because I'll make a cake tomorrow and plus I have a date tonight with a really hot dude, so... tomorrow." Seokjin opened the door to the waiting room which was nearly empty. It was already eleven at night and Yoongi's performance would be broadcasted tomorrow.

Hoseok pouted, "But it'll be tomorrow in less than an hour." He didn't try and tug his arm away as his hyungs led him out of the building and outside. The three were hit by a strong gust of wind and Hoseok found himself snuggling up to Seokjin's body to get a little more warmth. The weather had taken an unexpectedly cold turn and Hoseok had nothing but a long sleeve shirt to keep him warm.

"It's ok, Hobi," Yoongi smiled at how kind his dongsaeng was trying to be but he also had plans for the night, "I think we all need a good night sleep and then we can have a party tomorrow."

Hoseok lit up at that. Yoongi was forever and always against parties and most the time even celebrations when it came to himself. He was basically giving Hoseok permission to throw a party for him.

"Can I invite people? And decorate?" Hoseok almost jumped up and down. If Yoongi said yes to this than Hoseok would agree to whatever Yoongi wanted.

Yoongi knew where this was going but he owed so much to Hoseok. If Hoseok wanted a party with decorations and extra people Yoongi would let him. He didn't have any other real way of paying the man back unless he made a lot of money and just gave some to the younger. Even then he knew Hoseok would much rather have his way and do whatever he liked than have all the won in Korea.

Yoongi hummed and pulled his light jacket a bit tighter around himself, "You can do whatever you like, Hoseok."

The youngest squealed with delight before jumping up and down several times and screaming a loud "yay". Seokjin let go of his arm and stood back a little bit, afraid of being hit by the man's swinging arms. Seokjin and Yoongi both loved that about Hoseok. The man could be so energetic and through the years he had never lost that childlike excitement and innocence that most other adults had shed long ago.

"Tomorrow morning we'll all get up bright and early but for now, you can come with me, Hoseok, and I'll drop you off at home before my date." Seokjin wrapped an arm around Hoseok and pulled him away. Hoseok was so giddy he didn't even question why Yoongi was staying behind, he only waved and began ranting to Jin about all of his plans.

That left Yoongi free to find Jimin's hotel room. It oddly enough took him another hour to finally even get to the door. He had to go through several security guards at the hotel lobby which he hadn't been expecting. What he hadn't been expecting was that the security guards either recognized him by sight and let him through or recognized his name and personally escorted him through parts of the hotel and even right to Jimin's door.

Yoongi was left by himself after that, abandoned in a corridor of dark red, silver and black. It was elegant to say the least with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and lighting the walkway. And yet it felt cold and foreign to Yoongi. The hallway was made to be fashionable and expensive, seeping luxury into Yoongi's being. He didn't necessarily like it but then again, he had come from humble beginnings and even now was living with two other men in a small apartment.

Yoongi had been told not to knock but he still found himself rapping his knuckles against the black painted door in front of him from habit. There was a shout at the other side of the door and Yoongi assumed it was meant to tell him to come in. He couldn't hear the words, they were muffled at best. And yet he still found himself gingerly turning the knob and letting himself in the room.


I'm sorry it's such a short update - I'm still teasing you guys even tho I didn't mean to - a lot of time is about to open up for me in December and a little bit this next week so I will try to update again and in like the second week of December I'll try to update twice a week!

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