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Once again Jimin was scrolling through Min Yoongi's Instagram. He had already looked up the man on Facebook and Twitter to find the man had a twitter account but rarely ever posted anything. There were quite a few selcas on there however, as well as on his Instagram and Jimin surprised himself by going though and looking at everything single one. It had become almost an obsession in the past twenty-four hours for Jimin to find out more about this man. He had done things like this before, usually with certain men on the sets of videos he was shooting or people in the office. But Min Yoongi... Jimin had never met anyone quite like him and he was itching to know more.

Jimin leaned back in his chair. He was in the cafeteria. It was mostly empty as it was late morning and not nearly time for the afternoon meal. There were a few people milling around but not too many and most of them actually worked there and knew better than to approach Jimin. As Jimin leaned back and let himself stretch his eyes caught a flash of black fabric and neatly styled hair. He quickly leaned back up and gawked with an open mouth before catching himself and closing his jaw with a snap.

Speaking of the devil himself, Min Yoongi had scurried into the room. It was odd to see the man there except for the fact he was speaking with G Dragon. Jimin knew the rapper's real name but G Dragon seemed to be far more fitting for the man and Jimin couldn't remember a time when he had not called the older by his stage name or simply as G hyung. However, it was still quite interesting to see the idol rapper hanging around and speaking very seriously with Min Yoongi. Jimin grumbled from his seat halfway across the room. He wanted to be the one to speak to Yoongi to see if he could get the man to sign on with his company. Instead, G Dragon was stealing all of his time and ruining his plans. They weren't actually supposed to be speaking with contestants outside of the contest activities. It looked bad and made people wonder if the contestants were paying the judges off. G Dragon obviously didn't care.

Jimin stood abruptly from his seat and made his way over to the two men. He had no clue what he was going to say or what he was going to do other than interject himself in the conversation and try and get Yoongi alone with him despite the fact he was probably going to chastise G Dragon for doing the same thing. The armature rapper was handsome – gorgeous even – and Jimin found himself licking his lips subconsciously as he neared.

"Ah, Jimin-ah, how are you this afternoon?" As always G Dragon was polite as he caught sight of the younger man approaching. He had already seen the way Jimin looked at Yoongi. They both knew the man was special but G Dragon was almost suspicious there was something more there in Jimin's dark eyes. He saw the way Jimin licked his lips. He saw the way Jimin's shoulders went back when the man came on stage and how his eyelids lowered ever so slightly to give himself a sultrier look. More importantly, he noticed how flustered Yoongi would immediately become and how he would begin to shuffle and break eye contact and stutter. It was almost as if Yoongi was uncomfortable even being around Jimin but G Dragon wasn't sure why. Jimin was easy enough to figure out but this shy, timid man was not. Min Yoongi could spit fire on stage and was one of the most powerful rappers G Dragon had ever seen. But off stage... off stage Min Yoongi was a completely different person.

"I'm quite fine. I just saw you and..." Jimin pretended to thin for a moment, scrunching his face a bit, "Mr. Min, is it? Anyway, I just had to come over here and greet you."

Yoongi fidgeted for a moment, "Is... isn't it against the rules for me to be here talking to you?"

Jimin tilted an eyebrow. Obviously, the man was no fool. While it wasn't a written rule it was most certainly an unspoken one. But that wouldn't help Jimin get to Yoongi if the rapper knew that and so he tried his best to side-step the question.

"Why would it be against the rules?" Jimin took a step forward, almost invading Yoongi's personal space but he was just far enough away for it to be seen as him simply leaning in to hear better.

Yoongi still gulped, not noticing the way Jimin's eyes trailed his adam's apple as it bobbed. He never thought he would be so close to his idol. He absolutely adored Jimin and his voice and he couldn't believe he was so close to the man. Yoongi almost wanted to pinch himself or reach out and touch the man to see if this was really real or if it was a dream.

He couldn't thank Hoseok enough for entering him into the contest.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Jimin?" G Dragon gave the younger man a rather pointed look. The singer knew the man was trying to get rid of him so he could continue to speak with Yoongi but Jimin couldn't just give up. Especially not to his hyung.

"No," Jimin smirked, making sure to let his eyes drift over to Yoongi's flushed face, "But Mr. Min most certainly can."

Yoongi's eyes shot up from where they had wandered down to stare persistently at his shoelaces. If his cheeks had been pink before they were not most certainly tinged a deep red.

"W-w-what can I help you with?" Yoongi cursed himself. He sounded like a lovesick school girl being caught by her crush in the hallway. He needed to get ahold of himself. Stuttering and avoidance were not attractive qualities.

Park Jimin had been Yoongi's idol for three years now. Yoongi kept up with all of his performances, liked and commented on every post and video, spent hours looking at picture after picture of the handsome man, and spend probably around half of his paycheck on albums, T-shirts and fan paraphernalia. He lived and breathed Park Jimin. He hadn't meant to become obsessed but he had. It had started innocently at first but the longer he watched and listened the more sexual his attraction to the singer became. But this was something so unexpected. Yoongi worked in a coffee shop and café. He didn't have a lot of money. Hell, he didn't even believe he had that much talent. But for some reason all of his circumstances had aligned to where he was now standing in front of his idol for the fourth time. This time, however, was far more up close and personal.

And Jimin knew his name.

Yoongi never even paid attention to his last name until he heard it rolling off of Jimin's tongue like it was something velvety and sweet. Yoongi almost wanted to ask the man to say his first name but he was fairly certain that he wouldn't even be able to form words correctly.

"Perhaps you'd like to have dinner with me after the performance this evening?" Jimin's voice was smooth and angelic and Yoongi almost screamed, "I know it will be quite late but I would love to get to know you a bit better."

"Jimin," G Dragon's tone was a warning as well as the way he squared his jaw and tilted his head to the left ever so slightly. Jimin knew he was stepping far out of bounds on this one but he couldn't stop himself. Jimin always got what he wanted. And he wanted Yoongi, "I'm sure Mr. Min already has plans."

Jimin chuckled before turning to Yoongi, "Then cancel them." He pulled a pen out of his pocket and grabbed Yoongi's hand. He didn't miss the quick intake of breath and the way Yoongi's entire body froze up. The shy ones were just too much fun...

Jimin wrote a series of digits on Yoongi's hand before releasing the man and capping his pen before slipping it back into his pocket, "The top line is my cell number. Text me so I can save you in my phone. The bottom line is the code to the door of my hotel room." He saw a confused look from Yoongi but waved hi away with a hand, "Security and all that. They like to make sure I'm safe and sound on my own. But use that code to get in... around midnight? Like I said, I know it's late but I can have a proper meal ordered and cooked for us. And don't worry about knocking, I'll be expecting you." Without even waiting for an answer Jimin turned on his heel and strutted out, leaving a very confused but elated Yoongi and a rather miffed G Dragon.


So many more people have been reading this! I'm so happy about that! So I decided to get the plot moving!

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