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Hoseok had excused himself for a moment, getting a call on the phone from his sister. Yoongi knew his sister didn't call unless it was an emergency when Hoseok said he'd be busy and he had most certainly told his sister about Yoongi and the competition. They were very close, those two, and so Yoongi had no problem letting Hoseok go when he heard who it was. He wasn't alone too long, though. Soon someone had tapped on his shoulder, causing Yoongi to whirl around.

"Hi!" a chipper young man was back stage standing a bit behind Yoongi. He seemed like a chatterbox with a box like grin to match, "I'm Taehyung. Are you auditioning, too?" Yoongi had seen him talking with the other contestants backstage but hadn't really thought anything of the butterfly of a man, flitting around to person to person. He was probably just checking out the competition.

In Yoongi's foul mood he wanted to snap back with something snarky like, "Everyone here is auditioning, dumbass," but with the nerves flooding through him, he couldn't even come up with a verbal response. All Yoongi could do was nod uncertainly.

Taehyung didn't seem to mind this, however, and began telling Yoongi all about his process and journey of coming to Seoul to audition. Through the next five minutes, Yoongi heard all about Taehyung's parents, his new pet dog and his hopes and dreams of winning the competition.

"Of course," he continued, "I think you deserve to win, too – you've been very nice to me-"

Yoongi hadn't said word one to Taehyung or even really looked his way, his eyes glued on the girls on stage and the frowns on their faces when they were denied a pass to the next round. But Taehyung was as happy as ever, just having Yoongi stand there. Yoongi didn't even listen to the younger man drone on about his plans of retirement – because who thinks that far ahead when you're that young? – while he kept his gaze on the next singer going out on stage. He didn't have time to ask her name but he wasn't sure he even cared.

Time seemed to go far too slow for Yoongi. He was feeling so sick and nervous. He felt even worse as he saw the girl come back off stage, practically in tears. Taehyung was quick to abandon Yoongi to go and console her, not mentioning her terrible singing skills and how she had been off key for half the song. Yoongi gulped. It was his turn. He went on after this girl. It was his time to go on stage and show the country what he was made of. The man who had led his backstage was already ushering him forward, practically pushing a hesitant Min Yoongi onstage.

Yoongi's eyes fluttered a bit, trying to get used to the bright lights shining on him. He stood on the stage, his eyes going wide as he took in the three faces before him. He quickly cleared his throat, mindful to avoid the microphone so he didn't look like a complete fool. He quickly made his way to the X taped off in the middle of the stage.

G Dragon, CL and Park Jimin. Two badasses and an angel. Three of the biggest names in Korean pop music. They were all dark or bold colored clothes, sharp features and irresistible looks. Yoongi was frozen on the spot. His mind raced, going immediately to how terrible he looked in comparison to such idols. His slightly wild black hair, skinny jeans and loose shirt didn't compare to what was in front of him. He knew he must look paler than usual and sweaty, too, given his stress.

There was a sea of faces behind the three, but Yoongi kept his eyes mostly on Jimin. The pop star didn't fail to notice, either. A small smile slipping onto his face as he received attention from the slightly nervous and pallid man on stage. To Yoongi, he looked breathtaking. His makeup was evidently done but it accentuated his eyes and sharp cheeks rather well.

"Hello," Jimin smiled and dipped his head in greeting.

Yoongi could have screamed or fainted. Jimin's voice - even just speaking - was gorgeous. And he was speaking directly to Yoongi. It was like a dream come true.

Yoongi snapped back into the moment. He couldn't keep staring. He looked like a fool. He bowed deeply, muttering a faint hello.

"What's your name?" G Dragon asked, a pen hung loosely in his fingers as he waited for an answer.

Yoongi rolled his shoulder back, trying to straighten himself a bit and appear more confident, "Min Yoongi." he had to get a grip on himself. He was Min Yoongi. Was the baddest, best rapper out there. He could out rap CL and G Dragon in his sleep. He was Min Suga. He was Agust D. He needed to act like it.

"What will you be doing for us today?" Jimin hadn't failed to notice the man's immediate change in attitude. He seemed to have calmed a bit, his confidence coming to play a part in his performance.

"I'll be rapping." Yoongi answered.

G Dragon made a surprised noise in the back of his throat. They had yet to get any rappers in the competition thus far. He smiled a bit, motioning with his hand for Yoongi to continue, "The stage is yours, Yoongi."

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