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Yoongi squirmed in his seat. He could see himself in one of the monitors that was on the side of the room. The camera crew had finished setting things up and had Yoongi sitting in a rather plush, red chair- it was rather reminiscent of a hot seat, so to say, with its bright coloring. He tried to keep his posture straight with his hands rested on the armrests until he decided that that position probably made him look stupid.

Honestly, he was beginning to regret his entire ensemble. At the time he had thought it looked good and even Seokjin had been behind the idea of him wearing it. But now it felt uncomfortable and far too flashy. Of course Yoongi wanted to stand out but he also wanted to seem laid back like rappers should. And so Yoongi only sat there surrounded with his own self-doubt as he waited.

Yoongi had been expecting one of the men back stage when he had first performed to be the one to interview him. He almost jumped out of his skin as the door opened and a very familiar face made an entrance. Yoongi could only look on with an open mouth as his body stopped working and him mind went into overdrive.

Shit! No, no, no! Shit!

It was Park Jimin...

The man was so close, Yoongi swore his heart was going to stop beating. He had seen plenty of fan cameras and he had of course seen Jimin in person but never this close. His smile was heart melting and Yoongi couldn't even do more than sit there dumbfounded as Jimin greeted the staff and walked his way.


"Hi there! Min Yoongi, isn't it?" Jimin's eyes were crinkled to where they barely showed as dark, little slits on his face. Yoongi took in every feature, the way his cheeks seemed to grow more with his smile and the skin on the sides his plump lips creased. He took in the perfectly white teeth and one tooth that stood out because it was just a tad bit crooked. And god – his throat – Jimin's throat was so tempting to just look at and Yoongi want to reach out and wrap his hands around it. He was dressed in brightly colored clothes, sequined just like Yoongi's. But Yoongi swore the pop star was wearing Gucci. He could tell by the logo on the front of his shirt and his mind couldn't even comprehend how much money that shirt alone had cost. He was also wearing ripped jeans and Yoongi tried not to stare at the large holes that were cut around his thighs but he was having a hard time of it. Jimin's legs were thick and flawless and Yoongi wanted to just run his hands over them and squeeze.

"Mr. Min?" Jimin's soft, sweet voice pulled Yoongi out of his thoughts.

"O-oh –sorry!" Yoongi launched up to his feet, trying not to rub his sweaty palms against his legs before reaching out to shake Jimin's hand. Yoongi wanted to faint – Jimin's hand was so soft and so small. His hand fit perfectly into Yoongi's and Yoongi could feel the cool metal of his rings against the back of his knuckles. It felt so good. Yoongi coughed a few times, pulling his hand back rather abruptly to try and calm himself. He had thought this would just be a normal interview with a face he had never seen before. He would have been more comfortable with that.

But no – the universe had given him the one and only Park Jimin to be his interviewer and Yoongi couldn't stop his heart from beating nearly out of his chest.

"Are you ready to get going, Mr. Min?" Jimin played the angel. He knew he looked adorable at times but Jimin wasn't as naive as he acted. Jimin could see the way Yoongi acted around him and it made him want to chuckle how he resembled all those teenage girls he saw at every show he performed. Jimin saw the way he looked at his thighs. Jimin saw the way the man had licked his lips as soon as he stepped into the room and how he had frozen when Jimin had said his name. But this man was something special, Jimin was certain of that. This man was talent and a rough, gravelly voice. There was a star hiding behind a shy persona and Jimin was incredibly attracted by that.


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Oh my god - I'm so sorry this took me so long to get out! I meant to write this up and publish it ages ago but I'm stressed and so incredibly exhausted. I'm sorry it's so short - I will update it again this week. I hope to also finish Until We Meet Again this week and I already have a prewritten chapter for Crossed Hearts and Bad Boy. With any luck there will also be another oneshot out today or tomorrow. I'm sorry all the updates are taking so long! I will try harder!

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