nights with you

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hello loves! my bookstore au is finally out on ao3 (archive of our own)! it's been a long time since i last wrote fanfic, and i really poured my heart into this one. it's around 7k words, split into 2 chapters, and it's about wessa having a week long stay in a bookstore owned by will. it's literally pure fluff, so i hope you'll give it a shot. i'll leave another short excerpt here in case you're interested!

my @ on ao3 is starlightdrunk! the title is called "flipping pages".

here's a link (i don't think you can click it though?)


"You own the bookstore that's just a ten minute bus ride from campus? The one that's multiple stories high, and the one that's literally the best furnished in this area?" Tessa said, voice laced with skepticism. Yeah, Will Herondale was rich — it was common knowledge that he came from a family that owns a well-established hotel business that spanned across England. Still, they trusted this idiot with a building? Talk about familial love.

"Why not? Are you discriminating against young entrepreneurs now, love?" Will retorted, "Do you need to see my proof of rent, because I actually have it in my phone."

"Proof of your rent, or proof that you own the building?"

"Ah. So you figured."

“The part that should’ve been questioned was why hadn’t I thought about it? I guess, in a sense, the library screams ‘you’. Exclusive sections dedicated to your favourite literature? I’m probably the fool for not figuring it out sooner. Then again, it isn’t everyday that your college friend owns a library,” Tessa replied. On second (or maybe third) thought, it did seem very much like a Will thing to do. Money couldn’t buy time nor happiness, but it could buy books. Who was to say one could not equal the other? Knowing that Will and her practically competed for the title of biggest literary nerd in London (not that the title was highly-regarded, anyway), it wouldn’t be surprising that he would own a bookstore with his wealth. Hell, she’d been planning to establish hers in the future, once she had sourced enough money, and had her debts paid.

"Wait, do you own the café in the store as well? Or is it rented out?" Tessa asked.

“The café's mine as well. So, your reply to my proposal? I really can’t see you disagreeing, it really would benefit you more than me,” Will continued, “I mean, a whole week with London’s sweetheart and books? What a win for you, Tess.”


hope you enjoyed, see you!

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