Six | A Guy On His Monthly Period

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word count: 2079

It had been two weeks. Two weeks since Tessa and Will had a conversation with only the both of them. Most of the time, Will avoided her, and slowly, she started avoiding him too. Though they were literally staying under the same roof, because of Will having called the authorities on the Dark Sisters and his family kindly offering her a place to stay temporarily. Maybe he just didn't like her, she thought. Whenever they spoke to each other, it was always when other people were around, and surprisingly, they finished their project without much conversation, mostly communicating via text messages.

"What's up with you and my brother? He seems so...depressed all the time, like before, when you weren't here," Cecily asked, mumbling out the last part softly. "Did he ask you out only to have you reject him?"

The question floated in the air, Tessa confirming in her head that that wouldn't be the case because, if it did happen, she probably wouldn't reject him. She was weak in her own ways.

"No! Hell no, Cecy," Tessa stated, flinging her hands into the air, as if admitting defeat and explaining to Cecy everything that happened over the past few weeks, going into detail during parts where Cecy wasn't around, whilst Cecily listened carefully, occasionally nodding her head slightly.

"Honestly, I think he just sounds like a guy on his monthly period, one moment he's talking and smiling to me, being all warm and...fuzzy. The next? He's all like 'I hate Tessa she killed my will to live get her away from me'. You're sure he's a guy, and not a girl, right Cecy?," Tessa laughed dryly, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she asked the last question. "But if you do have an idea why he hates me to the deepest pits of hell, please do inform me?" Tessa finished off, burying her face in her hands as she sighed.

"And here I was, all ready to board the train Wessa, along with Clary and Izzy," Cecily mumbled, still accessing the situation in her mind.

"Wessa? Is that supposed to be our ship name?" Tessa burst out in a loud laughter, "Never going to happen, Cecy."

Everyone else though, knew that the simple statement Tessa had made was the complete opposite of the truth.


"Let me guess—you want me to partner you for this project—which, I understood since I paid attention during class—because I wouldn't say no, due to me doing that the last time making it end off with a huge amount of embarrassment, before you literally going about, spewing nonsense behind my back, and then ignoring me for one, wait no, two weeks? I'm sorry, but I think I'll pass," Tessa snapped at Will when he turned over to face her, before he could
even open his mouth to let a word escape from his mouth, causing him to lift his hands up, as if surrendering.

"I was just about to ask if you could shift your seat, so that I could work on the project with my partner, Tatiana. I believe you both have met," Will stated, looking at Tatiana who wore a smug grin on her face, and Tessa could've sworn she'd pointed the middle finger at her when she passed Tessa's desk whilst sauntering towards Will's.

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