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Private Messages between Unknown and You

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Private Messages between Unknown and You

Hey Tessa, good job!
You now live under the same
roof as Will, I wonder
what slutty act you had to do
to get where you
are right now.


"Let's go to Hyde Park," Tessa suggested, faking a smile at her friends after reading a hate message. Will there ever be a time where she would be able to have none of those?

"Yes! We should go!" the girls said in unison, while the rest of the guys looked up from their phones and nodded their heads.

"You can see Will trying to fight a duck while Jem holds him back," Cecily smirked toward her brother, who was practically shooting daggers out of his eyes while concealing a slight blush.

"Those bloodthirsty beasts can never be trusted!" he exclaimed, jumping up from the couch.

"Ohh, so that's what you meant on the first day I met you when you called the teacher bloodthirsty beast loving, the only question you dodged during detention," Tessa said in realisation.

"Thinking of me so much you can remember my words so far back? I'm flattered, Tess," Will mocked flattery by placing a hand on his heart and giving her a childish smirk.

"OTP as fuck," Isabelle and Clary muttered under their breaths while walking past Tessa, getting their coats, as everyone was leaving, Tessa's cheeks flaming red.

"Please. Well all know who what the real true OTP is," Cecily said, overhearing their "conversation", leaving them in suspense.

The three of them—Tessa, Izzy, Clary—looked up, asking, "Who?" in unison.

"Will and Jem!" Cecily squealed, before bursting out in laughter.

"Oh, my God! It's true though!" Clary said, clenching her stomach as it had hurt from all the laughing.

Will's eats perked up at the mention of his best friend's name and his own, interrupting, "What did you say about me and Jem? What's OTP?"

The girls laughed harder at Will's ignorance of common day abbreviation and slangs.

"What is it? The only OTP I know is One Time Password, are Jem and I your passwords? Creepy, much?" Will had asked with a confused expression, though Tessa swore she could see a small perk of a smile on his lips.

"No, the OTP we're talking about means One True Pairing, basically a ship you really, really ship," Tessa explained since the other three were still laughing like lunatics.

Will's eyes dawned on realisation, before he denied the fact, walking out of the room.

And the girls just continued laughing, again, though it really wasn't the funniest thing ever. Oh well, if they had fun...why not?

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