Nine | McDonald's? McDonald's.

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Word Count: 2030

First dates send horripilations of excitement down your spine, yet, the thought of it leaves you in a nervous wreck moments before it begins, and nothing was different for Tessa.

Hair? Done by Cecily, so it wouldn't be a question if it was pretty or not; her brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders, slightly curled at the ends.

Makeup? Done by Isabelle, the makeup goddess, no doubt it would make her eyes pop, or whatever they termed it.

And her outfit? Handpicked by Clary and Isabelle (she insisted on helping), apparently the latest fad, or something like that. To be honest, none of these really mattered, but, if it made them happy by helping her prepare for her date, then so be it.

Looking at the mirror, the reflection was one Tessa would probably not recognise as herself, had she not been through the entire—and very tedious—process of getting her to look the way she was. Yes, she had some resemblance to the girl on the mirror, but she looked better than how she viewed herself.

"Tess..." Will gaped, leaving Tessa in a smirk, though he didn't look too bad himself.

"Hey," she smiled, the day seemed perfect, and she doubted anything could go wrong.

Of course, this would have to be her first date, and if anything went wrong, it would remain an internal scar for her, but she trusted Will, entrusted him to make her first date memorable in the good way, and probably be the pathway to future ones.

Let's not think too far ahead, she reminded herself.

Will, being all fancy with wearing his suit and tie, ushered her to his car, saying, "After you, milady." Since when did he become so goddamn fancy and formal? Honestly, Tessa would've been alright with a simple picnic, movie, or even a visit to the library; she saw no need for all the fancy dressing and greetings. She wanted to spend time with the Will she knew, not one who looked the part, but was an alien to her.

She kept her silence till they reached a fancy restaurant, one which she wouldn't even bother trying to name, since it was some fancy French restaurant. Upon being seated, she asked, "Why so fancy-shmancy? Can't we just do something simple like go to the library? You never cease to amaze me, Will," looking up from her menu to meet his gaze.

Literally half of the food in her menu were unknown to her, so she just ordered whatever Will did.

"I swear if you order something unappetising, you're bringing me to McDonald's later," she muttered, earning an amused look from Will.

"What ever you wish," he muttered, suppressing his laughter, "I can't believe you don't like all this though. Honestly, I thought it'd swoon any girl, well, I mean, not that my looks don't already make 99% of the female gender fall for me."

"I must be part of that one percent, if a girl, or maybe I'm a boy," Tessa raised an eyebrow, "because honestly, I'm not one for all these fancy things. All that dressing up, and those over-priced food that come in portions fit for an ant? Not my thing."

"You're obviously not a boy," Will muttered, eyeing Tessa from top to bottom.

"How would you know that I don't possibly have a d—" Tessa retorted, interrupted by Will who went into a coughing fit.

"Ah. I might need to get out of the closet to my family then," he played along.

"Does someone have a crush?" Tessa smirked, biting down a laugh.

"Yeah. James Carstairs is just so goddamn dreamy," Will sighed, obviously keeping up his act.

"In all seriousness though, why did you think that I'd like something like this," Tessa asked, taking a bite from the food that had just arrived. The portion was so small that a mere bit of it was about half of the entire thing, served on a plate bigger than her face. Talk about waste of space, much? She would never understand restaurants like these, she thought.

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